Traveling and A Full-time Job

Before taking on full-time job recently, people would often accuse me of not taking a full-time job because I wanted to travel more. Typically, with most part-time jobs, they have a bit more flexibility when it comes to taking time off. However, in American society many people believe that you need to follow a pattern. The pattern is go to college, get a full-time job and work until retirement. In more recent years many young people have gone off that path to pursue their true passions. Personally, I wish I could just travel without money being a concern (working on making this happen), however I know that for now I must work to pay down my loans and to build up my life’s purpose.  But this post is about traveling with a full-time job and if it is truly possible or if you need entrepreneurship to do so.

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            In my opinion I believe that it is possible to still to travel while working for someone else. Many employers are allowing people to work remotely and if they have internet connection and still complete their work in a timely manner, most don’t really care what country you’re in as long as you get the job done. Regarding entrepreneurship, depending on the business, one can work from anywhere. With entrepreneurship, one can set up their own hours and are on their own deadline. However, they must make sure they are still making money and not only laying around on the beach. Now are there millionaires, who do this yes. To my knowledge most of them have given responsibilities to others while they still collect money. My overall point is that no matter if you’re an entrepreneur, or a fulltime employee traveling and working is can happen, you must pick the right style for you and smile while doing so.