The Traditional Right Thing

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So many times, we have always followed societies way of doing things. I have learned that sometimes you cannot do societies way of doing things or things will never get done. I know many people who decide that there is a chronological order to accomplish their goals. Sometimes you must get out of order to get in order. When I say this, I mean sometimes you must go against the norm to achieve results. Now I am not promoting anything illegal, however what I am promoting is to go after your dreams no matter how old we are or how much money you have. Sometimes we must learn all the free things before we can begin to pay for things to move to the next level. Sometimes we must start a business before we get a full-time job. Sometimes we must do things that people think is wrong to do things we believe is right.
For example, I wear my hair in its natural state, however I have had it covered in protective styles for about 6 months. I have washed it in between of course. But honestly my hair has wanted to be free and embrace some sun light. My long-term goal for my hair is to wear my curls daily without feeling like they are not worthy of being shown. However, since I am going on vacation in a few days, my mom believes I should have it in a protective style again because then I will not have to worry about anything. Something inside is telling me to just let my hair breath and to take care of it daily. In this situation, the traditional right thing is to listen to my mom. However, I am going to do what feels right. For me what feels right is being a curly brown eyed girl while on vacation with the wind blowing through my hair.



The Power of A Voice


For this week in cycles, I wanted to briefly cover that there is power in your voice. I know I have written about the voice many times, however I always find it amazing when people find their words and express them to the world. This week I am proud to say that I can have reconnected with the voice that I lost from so long ago. In my “former life” I used to hide my voice and shy away from saying/doing things that would cause a “stir”. This week, I am glad that I spoke how I felt. People would usually guilt me into hiding what I had to say. However, this week I spoke unapologetic. There is true power in speaking unapologetic because there are weights being taken off your shoulders and off your hearts by speaking our truths. Thank fully the people around me have been truly receptive to me speaking unapologetic. To me I have not been rude, but rather I spoke from a caring place and not in a defensive matter. I am not saying it will be easy to constantly speak my truth, however I had continued to develop my voice because I never know who will need to hear what I have to say. That’s what I challenge you to do. Develop your voice and don’t be afraid to speak up.


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Cycles: Being Who I AM

One thing I can honestly say is that sometimes when we are truly being ourselves, a lot can truly happen when you are living in your true reality. This week in breaking cycles, I learned that being myself is much better than being someone else.
There are so many times where I used to wish and hope that I would be like someone I saw online or even like people in my everyday life. I would always see other women and wish I had their confidence. Or I would hope that I had parts of their body types. For some reason I decided to look at me and have a conversation with myself. Am I thinnest person in the world? No, but I am aiming to be healthier. Do I have the confidence of Beyoncé? No, but I do have a genuine spirt and when needed I can fake my confidence. Am I a Millionaire? Well I could marry one, however I am on that path. When I realized how awesome I was, things around me began to change. I started to just feel like me. I know I am not the healthiest person, but I know that I am perfectly ok with being imperfect. It’s our imperfections that makes being who we are unique and attracts the right people. Continue to be who you are and smile.
I am going to try a question of the week this week and hopefully you’ll comment below: What can I do each day to be authentically me?
My response: accepting that am awesome no matter what and that I will grow each day.