Traveling With Friends

Many of my friends recently have expressed interest in traveling together. Honestly, I have seen many post and pictures of people taking group trips and they seem to be enjoying themselves. However, in the same group there was another post about if friendships had broken up over group trips. There were many people saying that many trips have broken up so many friendships. The reasons all ranged from their friends becoming a different person to their friends being controlling.

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Personally, I have not traveled with any of my friends. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. However, I would hope that our friendship could withstand a trouble. However, when you read post about many friendships breaking up, all you can do is hope that your friendship is one that lasts the test of time. Honestly, I think it could be fun to travel with friends, but like with everything in life, there is negatives to it as well. Who knows maybe sometime soon we will be able to take a trip together.

Travel Question: Would you travel with your friends?


Spiritual Travel

This week I want to talk about spiritual travel. I have not seen many post on this topic outside of retreats and I think that it would be something different to talk about. When I say spiritual travel, I mean having a certain feeling that you should go somewhere not necessarily that place being on your list of places to go, rather feeling like you should go there. Like your intuition is telling you to go there. I have been feeling that way recently specifically about two places. One would be an international trip and the other is a domestic trip. I wish it was easy to just get up and go. However, when you have a job, and bills it takes a bit more planning, which I honestly enjoy because you have something to look forward to. Sometimes when you feel something in your gut, you just must take a leap of faith and just do what you feel, even when it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes we don’t understand the full reasons of why we do things, however it always makes sense in the long run.

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Travel Tip: Go where you feel is best

Travel question: Where have you been feeling you should go? Please comment below

I feel I should travel to Belize and New Orleans.

A Year to Travel

I have been seeing a lot in the news lately about people taking a year off to travel. Personally, I think it’s pretty good that many people are doing it. I have read many stories about people who have saved and just decided to travel for a year. I can honestly say that this is on my bucket list of things to do. Even if its just a few months to be able to travel with no responsibilities. Just wake up whenever you want and just roam the beach all year. I think would want to do it after my student loans are payed off just, so I have nothing to worry about. I know that I would have to save a lot. I know many people say use travel rewards credit cards, which are good tools, however I want to keep my debt down to a minimum.

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                I think in my year I would format my year like eat pray love where I stay in three places for four months. Learning to eat like a local, learning the importance of prayer and how to love. For the first four months I would want to be somewhere tropical where I could learn from the locals and enjoy the beach sun rises. When I was in Belize someone told me that each sunrise is different and after watching. Then for the next four months I want to be somewhere in eastern Africa. For my last four months i think i want to be in south America. Why these places you may think, I’m honestly not sure. Its something in me that wants to go to these places. If I smile, I am happy.

Question for the week: Where would you travel to for the year?

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Figuring Out Where to Travel To

One of the best parts of traveling is figuring out where you want to go. Sometimes this can be overwhelming because the world has so many great places to explore. Personally, I have decided to travel based off of price. As you may have noticed from a lot of my past blog entries I like to be very transparent. Last year when I was planning my last spring break while in school, I started looking at the price and the price only when trying to decide on the destination to go. I did not check to see if it was the rainy season or even if it was safe for solo female travelers. I honestly just booked the ticket and went to Cuba. Now other people have a bucket list, which I do have to an extent, but I am very flexible about where I go. Honestly, I had no intention ever to go to Belize, however now I am trying to figure out away to go back. My advice to anyone trying to figure out where to go is just do your own research and  go where you feel is right. You do not have to do the list of the “20 best places to go” or whatever those list are. Go to where you feel have always wanted to go or want to explore. It does not have to be out the country. It could honestly be the next state over. I am trying to plan a quick beach trip.

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Travel Tip: Go wherever you want

Memories of Traveling:

I am in the process of unpacking all of my things into my new place. Recently as I began to unpack, came across some of the things I have collected from my travels. That made me really pause and think about what each destination means to me. Each place that I have been has truly helped me grow as a woman. Even the domestic places that I have been too has truly helped me grow into the person I am today. Overall, the places I have been have taught me that my ambitious side has never died. I thought that art of me had gone away along time ago.  What have I noticed from all the things that I have collected is that I absolutely love post cards and art work. Also, these memories make me want to get up and go. Even if it’s just for a brief trip over night. I get that feeling that I am ready to try somewhere else for a change. Like many people I am trying to learn how to manage working and trying to travel. But going through this memory help me keep hope.

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Travel Question: What are your favorite memories about traveling?

Travel or Retirement Savings?

This post is a little bit different. I want to talk about saving money. Yes, the taboo topic of money. Recently I have been seeing many posts on social media about financial stability vs. traveling. I believe i have been transparent about the realities of traveling. So, I think we should discuss talking about if financial stability is possible along with traveling. My answer is yes because I am currently doing it. Now full disclaimer I know that my situation is a lot different than many, so what I do may not work for others. Currently, I have a full-time job and I have made it a priority to try to save for the things that are important to me at this stage in my life. Currently, I save for travel, emergencies, retirement and living expenses. I pay my bills and try to do low cost activities around the city I’m in. Retirement for me although is technically years away, however I have been told by many adults that I should invest in a 401K or other retirement options in my younger years, so it has time to gain compound interest. Even though, I honestly would like to spend the money, I honestly don’t want to look back at my early twenties and wish I had put more money. However, just because I am aiming for financial stability and saving for retirement, that will not stop me from living in the now. Every day we run the risk of it being our last days. So still make a financial plan for your future, however don’t forget to live your life to the fullest.

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Tip for the week: Try to save anything for retirement, savings and travel the little bits add up.

Travel Shamers Part II

A month or so ago I wrote a blog post titled Travel Shamers. I wanted to write about this topic again because recently I saw a post on Facebook, which I have posted to below, about people judging others about taking low budget means of transportation. I just wanted to say in response to this is who cares how someone chooses to travel. You do not need to spend over a thousand dollars for a flight then do some but do not shame someone for choosing a discounted ticket. Travel is more than just booking a ticket, one must be concerned about accommodations, food and activities. Traveling should not only be limited to those who have thousands of dollars. Rather for those who have the desire to see new cultures or another part of their country. It should not matter how we travel, rather the experience we get. As long as, you get the best possible experience, that’s all that matters. It does not matter your mode of transportation as long as you get there and experience the place the best way you can is all that matters. Don’t let travel shamers, make you think any differently.

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Travel Tip: Travel any way that makes the best fiscal and experience for you.