Does Traveling Make you Happy?

I have honestly been thinking about this question a lot. Does traveling truly make me happy? I have a trip coming up in less than a month and honestly, I am truly excited, but I wanted to make sure that i am not trying to escape. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that sometimes we need to escape from everyday life, however I just wanted to make sure that I was not trying to escape because I am unsatisfied.

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                Today I was reading a book (as I usually am) and the woman talked about things that truly make us happy. Sometimes our happiness can be unfamiliar to us because we have spent a great deal of time surpressing it. In preparing for this trip, I just want to make sure that I not only am I happy during the planning stage, but also that I am going to enjoy the trip because I want to be there not because I am trying to escape anything. So, to answer the question, yes traveling does make me happy, when I am not doing for the wrong reasons.

What about you? Does traveling make you happy? Answer below!


Spiritual Travel

This week I want to talk about spiritual travel. I have not seen many post on this topic outside of retreats and I think that it would be something different to talk about. When I say spiritual travel, I mean having a certain feeling that you should go somewhere not necessarily that place being on your list of places to go, rather feeling like you should go there. Like your intuition is telling you to go there. I have been feeling that way recently specifically about two places. One would be an international trip and the other is a domestic trip. I wish it was easy to just get up and go. However, when you have a job, and bills it takes a bit more planning, which I honestly enjoy because you have something to look forward to. Sometimes when you feel something in your gut, you just must take a leap of faith and just do what you feel, even when it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes we don’t understand the full reasons of why we do things, however it always makes sense in the long run.

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Travel Tip: Go where you feel is best

Travel question: Where have you been feeling you should go? Please comment below

I feel I should travel to Belize and New Orleans.

Travel For Life?

Recently I have been seeing so many post about people traveling for life and how rewarding it is. Also, it is supposed to be a life changing experience due to so many reasons. I am a firm believer that you should always do what makes you happy. Often, I have been asked would I travel for the rest of my life. The answer to that is a simple yes because as I have said in my post, Hit the Road of Have a Family, that I would like to travel with my future husband and children. However, when I hear the phrase travel for life, I do not limit it to going to a new place rather just going through life. Travel is defined, according to google, is make a journey, typically abroad. Just looking at the first part of the definition saying “make a journey” to me is correlated with what life is.

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Life is always about creating your best experience. So why not make a journey of creating your best life experiences? Plus, even though life always has some amazing destinations, however it is in the journey where we learn the most. Even though the rough patches can cause you to question what your doing. It’s during those rough patches that I learn how capable of tough situations I really am. At the end of the day I say “travel for life” and enjoy the journey since we never know where the road ends and remember to smile during the journey.