Go Within

Sometimes it can be hard to deal with certain things. For me, going through graduate school is not the easiest thing especially after your graduate because you are in a constant change. Some of the changes that we face are adjusting to a new school, developing new habits, moving back home and having to change the way you do your homework for the longest. Even in my personal life I am making a great change because I know that some wonderful things are coming my way. Sometimes people forget to mention why going within can be so hard. The reason that it tends to be harder is because doing soul repair requires for one to dig deeply and pull so much toxicity out and dispose of it properly. Also, people tend to exit your life when things start to elevate with in.

Possibly to some people who are reading this, you may think that going within is incredibly cliché and that me being 22 I have not gained a true understanding of what going deep meant. Well, this 22-year-old has been through a great deal of turmoil and abuse. For the longest time, I have always suppressed it and tried to hide it from other people and just say “I’m ok”, when I knew I was not ok. So, going deep for me was truly an emotional process. Some ways that I went deep within me was getting quiet and just thinking about what was going on. Then one day while scrolling through Facebook, a page that I am following said to go within and pull out the hurt and the pain. The key thing that stood out to me from the message was to forgive myself. I had always heard to forgive the person who hurt you, however not many people say to forgive yourself. Even though this week I went deep within this week, I know this is a lifelong process that must be tended to from time to time to keep the negativity from coming back, but the long-term impact is worth it. So, to everyone, don’t be afraid to sit alone and face your dark side. If you need someone to be there as you face that side, please seek someone out. Just remember the goal is to be our true happiest self.