Coming Home

Sometimes leaving an awesome place can be very hard. We could want to stay there forever however, now we cannot figure out how to stay there. Plus depending on the place, they have visa requirements for extended periods of stay. While some people can stay long periods of time, others may not be able to. Then we all g through the feeling of the need to have something else booked. Its common and I wish I had other advice than to scratch the booking itch by booking another trip. Honestly coming home, for me, has made me appreciate each trip a little bit more. It also allows me to reflect on the trip and it helps me to realize all the things that I want to improve on for the next trip. I still have a lot of traveling to do in my life time. For me, home feels warm and where you can reconnect with friends and family. But in the in between moments I will plan, prepare binge watch TV and let my wallet recuperate.

i wish i could live far away from a big city
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Travel Tip: Allow your wallet to breathe sometimes, it will thank you.


Figuring Out Where to Travel To

One of the best parts of traveling is figuring out where you want to go. Sometimes this can be overwhelming because the world has so many great places to explore. Personally, I have decided to travel based off of price. As you may have noticed from a lot of my past blog entries I like to be very transparent. Last year when I was planning my last spring break while in school, I started looking at the price and the price only when trying to decide on the destination to go. I did not check to see if it was the rainy season or even if it was safe for solo female travelers. I honestly just booked the ticket and went to Cuba. Now other people have a bucket list, which I do have to an extent, but I am very flexible about where I go. Honestly, I had no intention ever to go to Belize, however now I am trying to figure out away to go back. My advice to anyone trying to figure out where to go is just do your own research and  go where you feel is right. You do not have to do the list of the “20 best places to go” or whatever those list are. Go to where you feel have always wanted to go or want to explore. It does not have to be out the country. It could honestly be the next state over. I am trying to plan a quick beach trip.

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Travel Tip: Go wherever you want

Travel or Retirement Savings?

This post is a little bit different. I want to talk about saving money. Yes, the taboo topic of money. Recently I have been seeing many posts on social media about financial stability vs. traveling. I believe i have been transparent about the realities of traveling. So, I think we should discuss talking about if financial stability is possible along with traveling. My answer is yes because I am currently doing it. Now full disclaimer I know that my situation is a lot different than many, so what I do may not work for others. Currently, I have a full-time job and I have made it a priority to try to save for the things that are important to me at this stage in my life. Currently, I save for travel, emergencies, retirement and living expenses. I pay my bills and try to do low cost activities around the city I’m in. Retirement for me although is technically years away, however I have been told by many adults that I should invest in a 401K or other retirement options in my younger years, so it has time to gain compound interest. Even though, I honestly would like to spend the money, I honestly don’t want to look back at my early twenties and wish I had put more money. However, just because I am aiming for financial stability and saving for retirement, that will not stop me from living in the now. Every day we run the risk of it being our last days. So still make a financial plan for your future, however don’t forget to live your life to the fullest.

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Tip for the week: Try to save anything for retirement, savings and travel the little bits add up.

Traveling for Any Reason?

Recently I saw a meme on social media about traveling when your happy or sad or even to celebrate. It made me think about how sometimes I wanted to travel to escape. Nothing bad would be going on. I would just want a change in scenery or I needed to escape from some people Traveling has always afforded me and many others that opportunity. However, the unfortunate thing about this we cannot always travel for any reason. We may have achieved something great in our careers, however deciding last minute that you want to go to Thailand may not work out with your work schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in experiencing things over money (as long as responsibilities are taken care of) because we can always make the money back, however the time we cannot get back. Sometimes our supervisors may get on our last nerves and we are ready to go to Belize. I want to encourage any one reading this, if you can travel for any reason, then do so. I have been operating in the mindset of if I know I will look back on the trip and regret not doing it, then I should probably do it and smile.

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Travel tip: When deciding on a trip think: if I do not go will I regret it.

Notes From Other Countries

Recently, I received a post card from myself. I know this sounds weird, however when I was in Iceland I had the opportunity to send myself a post card and I figured, why not. I had never done it before and thought it would be cool to do. This week I received that post card. I told my future self that I was proud of her and to keep being brave as a lot of people have told her on this trip. Honestly, I smiled when I got this post card because it honestly just lit my adventurous spirit back up again and had me ready to book a trip. But I have several other things coming up in a few weeks that need my focus. But I want to encourage anyone reading this to always send yourself a message. You don’t have to leave the country to send your self a note. You could simply take a piece of paper and write a note yourself and hide it. I find that when you least expect it and when you need the note the most, it shows up. I honestly needed a reminder of how far I came and that I have more to explore. 

Travel Tip: Try to send yourself a note from another country or hide a note to yourself in your home and let fate help you receive it when the time is right.

Travelers Insurance

            Travelers insurance is not one of the things that is not always highlighted when it comes to traveling. Honestly, when I first began traveling I knew nothing about it. But I always believed that when you know better you do better. Travel insurance is essential because it protects you and your trip. There are a variety of companies that offer a variety of insurance as well as airlines, cruise lines, buses and trains. I advise anyone and everyone to get it. Travelers insurance covers everything from the trip, delays, emergency evacuations, medical, canceled flights, and (I know some don’t want to admit this) death. Yes, unfortunately people have died while traveling and I am not wishing this on anyone, but an informed traveler is a good traveler. Here are four reasons why you should get travelers insurance.

  1. Realistically you could get hurt: just like in your normal day to day life you could get hurt walking down the street, you can get hurt traveling. I have read stories of people’s ear drums popping while diving and people have chipped their tooth while traveling. Travelers insurance was able to cover the bill.
  2. Sometimes you cannot take a trip: Life happens. Sometimes you have to cancel a trip due to health reasons, or a death in the family. Most travelers insurance will refund the amount of the trip. Also some insurance carriers have cancel for any reason. It is usually a little bit higher, but it may be worth it to some.
  3. You may already have it: Some credit cards, if you book your trip with the card, they may have some insurance to protect your trip. However, please check with your individual credit card company. If the insurance is not sufficient for you. The flight and hotel maybe insured but not your health. So please look.
  4.  Health care is not always free: Many people believe that since most of the countries in the world have free health care, most of the time it is not free to travelers.
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Bonus: It’s not that expensive. Some polices are even $20! Most of us spend more than that in a day on food. Spend the money to save your life and peace of mind. You just have to find the right fit for you.

These reasons are not in any specific order. This post is not sponsored. I just wanted to encourage travelers to get insured. Most travelers do not have $100,000 sitting around for travel emergencies. There are many websites that one can compare policies and I advise you do. Please be informed and pick the policy that fits you best.

Happy planning, safe travels and smile.

Question to think about: Why haven’t you purchased travelers insurance?