LSAT Blues

Back in September of 2016 I took the LSAT for the first time. I prepared the best way that I could through practice. I was not nervous nor was I panicked while taking the exam. I went in and left knowing that I had tried my best. The best feeling was walking away knowing that I just did something major. I then went home and took a nap before starting my school work. Then the real game began… waiting.

The weeks following me taking the LSAT, I focused on school and went on about life. However, when the day came that received my scores were posted I was nervous and excited. But I did not check the second they were posted because I was nervous. Finally, after a few days I went to my email to check the score and I was expecting the email to contain a link to see my scores, however it had my actual score in there. When I saw the score, I thought it was pretty good, until I looked at the score ranges. Sad to say I scored below the national average. Like many people, I was sad then I had to think of an important question, do I want to continue on with law school? I actually struggled with the decision for well over a month because I thought that I would not get in to any law school.

I had even heard of how many schools take everything into account other than your scores, but my GPA is not the highest and to me it felt as though I had not done much in my four years to gain acceptance to these schools. There would be times when I would have no motivation to do my work. Even when I was getting hundreds of emails to apply to law school I was still not encouraged to apply. However, I was talking to someone and they talked me through why I even wanted to go to law school in the first place, but I was not convinced I should still try. Even when my professor mentioned that standardized test did not determine my success in the future or even how well students would do in graduate school, still did not motivate me as much. Hearing a particular song by Jhene Aiko actually did. The lines of the song that randomly popped into my head were:

If there’s one thing that I learned
While in those county lines
It’s that everything takes time
You have gotta lose your pride
You have gotta lose your mind
Just to find your peace of mind
You have got to trust the signs
Everything will turn out fine

So why aren’t you smiling? Why aren’t you smiling?
Life can get wild when, you caught in the whirl wind
Lost in the whirl wind, you’re chasing the wind.

That’s when I refocused myself and began to put my all into it. I realized that not getting a high score was not something that defines who I am and that this was just one of many road bumps that I would be encountering throughout law school. Unfortunately, when I decided to refocus on law school, undergraduate classes began to pick up so I have to prioritize a bit. But I have begun to narrow down my school list and have begun the fun process of applying to schools, having my resume looked over, and personal statement reviewed. Even though I still, have a lot of work to do because its nearing finals, I am very confident that I will be able to finish all of my applications before the New Year is out. Even though my first LSAT did not go as well as it could’ve, I know that I can still do great things.

So my tip for escaping the LSAT blues is to remember it may seem bad now but it gets better. Sometimes you have to fail to be where you want to be. When you fail you learn, then improve and finally kick major butt in accomplishing your goals.

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