Road Trips

Sometimes people believe that the only way to travel is on a plane. I have heard people say that. However, I firmly believe that that is not true. From my previous post, I sure you can see that I never believed that. I want to try to do a cross country road trip. I was close to taking greyhound from Philadelphia to Los Angles. It was going to be a long trip, but a part of me wanted to do it just because. (I love getting those just because feelings). The only reason I didn’t take it was because I started graduates school. However, I want to encourage anyone reading this to hit the road.

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Honestly riding along the high way, you can see some beautiful scenery of greenery and lakes. A bonus if you’re not driving, you get take photos of it. I have hundreds of photos of my family trips along the eastern seaboard. Plus being on the road offers you a great deal of freedom that planes do not offer. Some of that includes not having a bag restriction and you can have as many stops as you want. If someone tries to tell you that road trips can’t fill the soul, they lied.

Travel Tip: Hop in the car and go to the unknown