Taking a Break

Prior to me starting graduate school, I had decided that I would take a break because I needed it. I had worked at my job up until the Friday before me starting school on Monday. I had planned a nice relaxing Saturday of doing nothing. Sunday I had planned to go to a festival with my boyfriend. However, my boyfriend at that time decided on Saturday to have a big argument (which to me was over nothing, however his feelings were valid to him and I respect them) and we broke up that day. Also on that Saturday I spent the day with my little brother, which was not too bad. Then Sunday, which is the day I planned to do nothing I needed up running errands and cooking dinner. Not really leaving me much time to relax and think about things. Most importantly not giving myself enough time to get back in the mindset of school. Even though I had just finished school in May, one still needs time to get back into the mindset of school, especially when starting a new program. I started classes on Monday, and I thought I was ready, but was I wrong. I was not motivated what so ever.  I knew I had not thought things through because while I was in school I felt unmotivated, kept thinking “why am I here”, and kept watching random YouTube videos. I even watched the Elle Woods scene in Legally Blonde to try and motivate myself. Even Elle Woods could not help me want to do work. It was during my night class this week that I decided to give myself a break. So, for a day and a half I took the break I needed. I had the chance to just breathe, not worry about errands, or others needs just focused on me. I think the best part was, I took a break from social media (except for YouTube because of TEDx Talks). By practicing self-care, I had the opportunity to rethink what my goals are, my ambitions, listen to TEDx Talks and even practice self-forgiveness, which is always important. By taking a break I realized how tired I was and that I had a little heart work to do. Now that my break is over I feel more prepared to tackle grad school. My message to anyone who is reading this post: Take a break if you need it and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, tell them to take their stress somewhere else.