New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year and I hope your year is starting off well. A new year is known to be the birth of something wonderful and be a rebirth for some. For me, a lot of the changes I would have made I honestly began to implement them last year such as beginning to work out and eating healthy. Also, I have even begun to feel a bit more confident since last year, which was a goal for this year. I honestly can say, that I do feel like a new me however I do not feel as though I changed.

2018         I know you may be confused about how I can make changes, yet I do not feel as though I am new. I really feel as though that I have just grown. Grown from the shy and easily manipulated teenager to someone who can spot mess from far away. I have been the person who was afraid to take chances and honestly, I still struggle with taking certain chances, but honestly, I enjoy pushing through those feelings of taking chances. But I still feel that I am the nerdy girl who enjoys reading books, writing and learning about the subjects I learned. I just feel as though that it is a new year and  all I am doing is uncovering who I was meant to be. I feel that I am stepping into the person who I spent so much time burying over the years. And I am enjoying uncovering who that person is. If you believe that it is a new you, that’s awesome. But for me I think that I am just becoming the person I was meant to be. In 2018, I am moving  closer to the person who I have been hiding from.