Time Management Gone Wrong

Time management does not always work out in graduate school. I can always map out what i will do and try to maximize my time by doing readings while riding on the train. However, when you also work while in school or even having a lot of family problems going on during the semester can alter your schedule in a drastic way.  That is the case for me. This week I have been physically and mentally exhausted from papers, work and just life in general. Most days I want to lay in bed, pull the covers over my head and just hide from my problems that are still waiting for me when I take the covers off. I created a schedule that I was going to follow because I knew myself and I thought I would break it up so I would have a limited amount of work each day. However, it’s funny how life will through a wrench in your plan.

time management
we have to keep going

This week’s pre-determined schedule did not work because it is always hard to determine what each day will bring after planning things out. For me, it’s back to the drawing board.  Each day this week has truly had it’s surprises. I admire how some people have their schedules set in place and things just go their way.  That’s not possible for me right now unless I make some changes, even though I know I cannot control certain situations from happening such as death or the train breaking down. But I know that I can always shift my perception from thinking everything is going downhill, to this is a bump in the road and I will get all my work done. If your reading this and you feel as though your time management skills may be like mine, just know we all have our moments when things do not go the way we manage. But it’s what we do when things go wrong that determines how far we willing to go for our goals and dreams.  If your reading this and everything around you seem to be falling apart, I would say even if you plan out everything and it does not go according to plan, I challenge you to keep going and smile. Don’t worry we still will achieve our goals. But if we don’t keep moving forward even when things go wrong, we cannot accomplish them.


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Finals and The Holidays

The holiday season is supposed to be the most fun time of year. A time for family and friends to get together and enjoy each other’s company. However, if you are in college or graduate school, most likely you despise this time of the year mainly because of final exams. Most of us are stressed because we may have procrastinated on certain assignments or our minds have not fully prepared for the mental strength required to get through this season. Personally, I am going through the same motions as everyone else. I honestly do not want to finish any assignments nor do I feel like studying. Plus, it does not help when your Master’s program is one year, which means next semester is my last semester. I am basically a senior getting a major dose of senioritis.
However, I am not blind to the fact that many students, including myself, are battling internal battles. Some are worried about failing a course, if they will graduate, where they will go after the semester is over, the depression coming at sometimes the worst times and so much more than I can possibly list. I just want to say to the people going through more than one challenge during this season, just know that I understand that you spend many nights crying about what to do next. I know that your pray and hope for guidance as you try to figure this part of your life out. Don’t believe that this is end, rather give yourself another chance to begin. Learn from the things that have gone bad and prepare for the good that will come. Anytime something bad happens I always tell myself, for every bad thing that happens a good thing follows. But to see the next best thing that’s coming, I must be willing to keep going past the bad that is happening at this moment.
To everyone reading this post, even though this can be one of the not so jolly times of the year, please remember that you are awesome in your own way and your light is needed. I have spent a little time trying to make sure I fully understand this concept as well. Give the semester one last shot and afterwards you can relax. I know I am. Just remember when one door closes, another door opens.