Memories of Traveling:

I am in the process of unpacking all of my things into my new place. Recently as I began to unpack, came across some of the things I have collected from my travels. That made me really pause and think about what each destination means to me. Each place that I have been has truly helped me grow as a woman. Even the domestic places that I have been too has truly helped me grow into the person I am today. Overall, the places I have been have taught me that my ambitious side has never died. I thought that art of me had gone away along time ago.  What have I noticed from all the things that I have collected is that I absolutely love post cards and art work. Also, these memories make me want to get up and go. Even if it’s just for a brief trip over night. I get that feeling that I am ready to try somewhere else for a change. Like many people I am trying to learn how to manage working and trying to travel. But going through this memory help me keep hope.

From Pixaby

Travel Question: What are your favorite memories about traveling?