Traveling Size

Recently I have been feeling insecure about my weight. Every time I look in the mirror I don’t feel as though I deserve to be traveling. I know some of you may be thinking, well if you don’t like it then change it, which I agree with, however a portion of my weight gain has come from many changes in my life from getting off birth control to a life of added stress within the past couple of months. I then began to doubt if I should be traveling. Then I had to remember that I was limiting myself by staying in that mindset. Each trip is what you make it no matter your size enjoys your journey. Make sure your healthy of course, but don’t put off doing things that you truly want to do. Even if you must start never let your size stop you from enjoying your life.

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Travel Tip: Travel no matter the size


Traveling for Any Reason?

Recently I saw a meme on social media about traveling when your happy or sad or even to celebrate. It made me think about how sometimes I wanted to travel to escape. Nothing bad would be going on. I would just want a change in scenery or I needed to escape from some people Traveling has always afforded me and many others that opportunity. However, the unfortunate thing about this we cannot always travel for any reason. We may have achieved something great in our careers, however deciding last minute that you want to go to Thailand may not work out with your work schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in experiencing things over money (as long as responsibilities are taken care of) because we can always make the money back, however the time we cannot get back. Sometimes our supervisors may get on our last nerves and we are ready to go to Belize. I want to encourage any one reading this, if you can travel for any reason, then do so. I have been operating in the mindset of if I know I will look back on the trip and regret not doing it, then I should probably do it and smile.

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Travel tip: When deciding on a trip think: if I do not go will I regret it.

Is Travel the Only way to Live life?

Sometimes when I am on social media and I see travel post about travel being the only way to truly live. This idea made me think because I honestly had not thought about this. As I looked through my travel photos, I stumbled across a picture of the sky line in my home town and realized that one does not have to travel to truly live life. Just simply waking up and taking advantage of a new day is truly living life. I sometimes blame social media for having people think that they must go far to truly experience the joys of life, when honestly the simplest form of truly living life is to enjoy the day and seeing the beauty in it. I will admit that while traveling one can see one of the many fortunes of life is to be able to travel freely as many people do not get the chance to. But please know that having the chance to just wake up and breathe is truly the best way to live life because many people don’t get that chance. So see the beauty in the new day, live and smile.

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Travel Tip for the week: the only way to truly live life is to wake up and breathe.

Travel For Life?

Recently I have been seeing so many post about people traveling for life and how rewarding it is. Also, it is supposed to be a life changing experience due to so many reasons. I am a firm believer that you should always do what makes you happy. Often, I have been asked would I travel for the rest of my life. The answer to that is a simple yes because as I have said in my post, Hit the Road of Have a Family, that I would like to travel with my future husband and children. However, when I hear the phrase travel for life, I do not limit it to going to a new place rather just going through life. Travel is defined, according to google, is make a journey, typically abroad. Just looking at the first part of the definition saying “make a journey” to me is correlated with what life is.

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Life is always about creating your best experience. So why not make a journey of creating your best life experiences? Plus, even though life always has some amazing destinations, however it is in the journey where we learn the most. Even though the rough patches can cause you to question what your doing. It’s during those rough patches that I learn how capable of tough situations I really am. At the end of the day I say “travel for life” and enjoy the journey since we never know where the road ends and remember to smile during the journey.