Learning to Let Go and Live

Has there ever been a person in your life where you wanted to hold on to them? You may have wanted to hold on to them to try hold on them or even try to bring them along with you on your journey, however that person would drift further apart from you. Then you start to think of the things that you may have been doing wrong and after some reflection you realize certain things. Some of those things are that you have been giving your energy and time to that person, only to realize it has fell on deaf ears. The most crucial thing you realize is that you realize you pour so much into that other person, that sometimes you have lost yourself. That’s when you must learn to let people go.

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2018 has truly been the year where I have learned that I must learn to let people go and begin to live my life. This year has been filled with several people that in the past I had put my life on hold hoping that some people would go to the next level with me. However, that never happened. Usually they would use me and stop talking to me. I had to meditate on this issue and came up with this simple sentence “Let go and live”. These four words are what I am going into 2019 with. I am letting go of the people who do not value me, and I am living it up with people who do. If, I live each day to fullest I am happy. As long as, I am surrounded by people who match my energy and want to live life to the fullest, then I consider that to be a great time. Letting go can truly be hard. It takes time and patience, but the person you grow to be from letting is the person you often dream about. Continue to let go, live and smile.


Letting Go

Many times, we hear the words let go and everything will work out. Sometimes when we let go, things tend to fall apart, while at other times things go well. I find letting go to be quite refreshing because it allows you to start over and to show your true self.
This week I was able to let go my fear of not being good enough. For so long I used to believe that when I try something new that I am never good enough, but sometimes it takes others to point out that you are doing fine. This week it took for one of my friends to help me realize that I am supposed to be pursued and not chasing. I had been talking to a guy for over a month and we never met because neither one of us would follow up with meeting and it was almost me planning the days and times we met. I was honestly thinking of letting him go, but I thought that I was overreacting. Then my friend told me to let the guy try and we have not talked since the last time I reached out. That’s when I realized I had to let go. Not necessarily let go of finding the one but letting go the need to constantly must plan things when it comes to my love life.

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I’ve realized that when you let go of the need to control certain things that you can become free to fill your time with things that matter. My message this week is let go of the need to have control and just enjoy life, while smiling.