Doing Something that Scares You

In less than twenty-four hours I am supposed to give a chat to a room of over fifty people. I am honesty not prepared because in true school fashion I have been procrastinating. But I think the reason I am scared to pursue this speaking engagement is because even when I prepare in advance I still do not feel prepared to speak. Speaking for me has been hard because people have always tried to keep me quiet and up until recently that has always worked. When it comes to speaking willingly, it can be hard because when you are used to someone constant silencing you, it’s hard at times to speak up for something that is concerning to you. At least for me it is. However, I have found that when one is passionate about the topic or subject that they are speaking on it can be a bit easier to talk about. I am not 100% sure if talking about something you are passionate about in front of over fifty makes it easier especially if it’s your first speaking engagement.

Sometimes you just have to jump

I always keep in mind when I’m scared one important lesson I have learned throughout my life. That lesson is: sometimes one must operate in fear. Fear can be paralyzing and can sometimes make you want to hide in a corner. However, when you decide to take that jump while your still afraid, it not only gives you a different feeling, it allows you to understand what you are truly capable of. I know many people who will say not to operate in fear, however sometimes that’s what you must do to get to your next level.
If you are reading this entry right now, just know its ok to operate in fear. You will learn several great lessons about yourself and the world. Just remember to smile in the moment. Even if you’re just laughing in the moment can help to release some of the pressure. Doing that can truly put somethings in to perspective.
Please feel free to like and comment if you have ever done something that scared you and how you felt afterwards.

Picture from pixaby