Body Happy and the Holidays

On the 20th of each month I weigh myself. But from this past November 20th, I put on a few pounds. However, I was not sad, rather motivated to keep going and to learn some new habits. The most important lesson that I learned was even though I am working out in the gym, I cannot just eat anything that I wanted. I realized that my eating habits get bad when I am stressed out. For the past few weeks, I have been stressed over school. But I was excited for the thanksgiving holiday because it is a time for reflection, thankfulness and food. I was nervous about the food part because I know that sometimes (and often in the past) I would over eat. Plus considering that I put on a few more pounds, I did not want to add more fuel to fire.
The day before thanksgiving, I had to give myself the holiday pep talk. It went something like this “I know you want to indulge and eat more than portion size, however think of the time you ate a donut the day before you worked out and your felt as though you were going to die. You don’t want that feeling again”. This was the talk I had to give myself and it worked. Now honestly, speaking I did eat a tad bit more of portion sizes, but I did not eat as much as I would have in past years. To me that’s improvement. I had not fully believed that it had worked until I went shopping today and tried on a dress. Now something you should know about me is I am a frugal 22-year-old, but there was something about this dress that was calling to me. When I was looking at the dress it, in a way, spoke to me and said try it on. I thought I would not have been able to fit it, but my heart was telling me to try it on. So, I did. And I smiled the whole time while I was in the dress. Now I believed that I could not fit it because I usually could not fit a 14/16, but this time I did and I’m glad I tried. So, if your reading this, do not be ashamed for trying on a new outfit no matter how much you ate. Just make sure you smile and eat pie!