Coming Home

Sometimes leaving an awesome place can be very hard. We could want to stay there forever however, now we cannot figure out how to stay there. Plus depending on the place, they have visa requirements for extended periods of stay. While some people can stay long periods of time, others may not be able to. Then we all g through the feeling of the need to have something else booked. Its common and I wish I had other advice than to scratch the booking itch by booking another trip. Honestly coming home, for me, has made me appreciate each trip a little bit more. It also allows me to reflect on the trip and it helps me to realize all the things that I want to improve on for the next trip. I still have a lot of traveling to do in my life time. For me, home feels warm and where you can reconnect with friends and family. But in the in between moments I will plan, prepare binge watch TV and let my wallet recuperate.

i wish i could live far away from a big city
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Travel Tip: Allow your wallet to breathe sometimes, it will thank you.