Listening to Others

I believe that we live in a world where either we should tell people are dreams or hold them to our chest and never let them out. That’s what many people are faced with when it comes to talking about their dreams. One of my dreams is to help young women in college because I believe there are not a lot of issues are not being addressed for college aged women. As I begin to work towards building that community, someone said that I cannot only focus on the positive words needed, but I must remember the services that are needed. She was trying to sale something. I created the platform to allow women to come to the group to enjoy positive post and a place to escape their daily school lives. I know young women need services and I am working on creating a list for them, however that one person made me question am I doing the right thing by starting this group? Or am I kidding myself.

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To solve this problem, I had to remember why I decided to start this group for young women. That answer had to be found within and not from anywhere else. Sometimes people will give you their perspective and it is up to you what you do with it. In this instance I took it and decided that I am going to follow the beat of my own drum. Is the group being perfect no, but as long as I willing to learn and help the group grow that is all that truly matters. My advice this week is to don’t be afraid of criticism, however do not let it stop you from living your best life.
So continue to smile and go after your purpose.


Why Did I Create This Blog?

As 2017 ends, I believe it is important to reflect on everything that has happened. I have been truly blessed over this year. This year I graduated from college, got a new job, learned more about myself and so much more! I know my blog has shown that I have gone through a great deal of changes, but I had to take a moment to question why I decided to write this blog.

Why did i create

I first started Khadijah’s Journeys because I wanted to write about my law school experience. About my successes and failures of applying to law school. That experience had more negatives (not writing but applying) than positives. The only positive thing that occurred was me getting accepted into my Master’s program. But it was not until after going through a horrible break up that I decided to try again about writing a blog. This time my goal was and still is to tell my story about going through graduate school with hopes of other people, especially women, know that someone understands. I understand that you stay up late at night crying about assignments, finances, your dreams, your goals, family, friends, relationships and so much more. I have cried over these things and still did not understand how I made it through the end of the semester. My goal is to make sure, the person reading this understands that they are not alone in this graduate school journey nor the journey after it.  I along with millions of other people go through this.  I created this blog for the woman who does not know what to do and just needs to see her feelings expressed in a public platform. This blog is for the woman who is crying over family troubles and they do not know the best way to reach out for support. This blog is for the person who does not know where to turn at 3am and just needs to know someone who has struggled through the same feeling.

For 2018, I will continue this goal and bring forth the issues that face people in graduate school and even after that. The issues do not stop when formal education ends, rather they continue. While most of them cannot be eliminated but it can be helpful to know that someone is going through the same problems. And possibly learn of new ways to handle these concerns. So here’s to 2018, bringing in a another semester and learning how to elevate to the next level of life.

If this blog speaks to you or you are just interested in learning some of the struggles that one may face with change or even how I cope with depression, please subscribe. Also feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me. Most importantly smile, even if it is to your-self or in the mirror.