Travel in Faith

I have a confession to make. I have always been afraid of heights. Yet I enjoy traveling and taking a plane. However, considering recent events I wanted to talk about airplane troubles. I know that people fear planes especially since it is not an easy evacuation because you are too high up. As I continue to pray for the families of those affected, something is telling me to encourage people to still travel. Continue to research on the air crafts, buses and trains and decide with what ever you are comfortable with. However, please do not let an accident prevent you from living out your dreams. I remember recently I went to go spend time with a friend in Florida and me and so many others felt the plane just drop. We never got an explanation about what’s going on. I know that it can truly be discouraging to see stories like that and continue to either travel or pursue your dreams, however if we are always afraid, we will never do the things we want. Honestly when I load an airplane I still worry about things happening, however I just must trust everything will work out. I encourage you to travel or even pursue your dreams in faith and smile.

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Travel tip: Travel in faith. Even when things seem like they are going wrong, trust everything will work out for the best.


Listening to Others

I believe that we live in a world where either we should tell people are dreams or hold them to our chest and never let them out. That’s what many people are faced with when it comes to talking about their dreams. One of my dreams is to help young women in college because I believe there are not a lot of issues are not being addressed for college aged women. As I begin to work towards building that community, someone said that I cannot only focus on the positive words needed, but I must remember the services that are needed. She was trying to sale something. I created the platform to allow women to come to the group to enjoy positive post and a place to escape their daily school lives. I know young women need services and I am working on creating a list for them, however that one person made me question am I doing the right thing by starting this group? Or am I kidding myself.

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To solve this problem, I had to remember why I decided to start this group for young women. That answer had to be found within and not from anywhere else. Sometimes people will give you their perspective and it is up to you what you do with it. In this instance I took it and decided that I am going to follow the beat of my own drum. Is the group being perfect no, but as long as I willing to learn and help the group grow that is all that truly matters. My advice this week is to don’t be afraid of criticism, however do not let it stop you from living your best life.
So continue to smile and go after your purpose.

LSAT II and II Rejections

Happy New Year to You! If you are reading this, I hope that everything you desire comes true in this New Year. I want to first start off by saying that despite what’s going on the United States, remember not everyone is like the current commander in chief. Rather many people in this country can be kind, generous and accepting of others. However, when the media fuels someone’s hate by constantly broadcasting it, that very reporting can bring out the bad side of a nation. Remember that is only a small few and many of us here in the United States support those seeking safety.

This blog in my road to law school entry is about rejection and preparing for something you know you suck at. First, I’ll discuss what I suck at. I am a horrible test taker, especially standardized test. I think the reason why it is not my strong suit has to do with the fact that I always believed that if I failed this test, then that meant I was a failure in other aspects of my life. I realized it in elementary school when they told me that if you did not do well on standardized test, then you would not get in to the best high schools. So I remember being panicked out of my mind and very well I did not do as well as I could have. In high school, it was the SAT which I panicked with both and took a prep class and still did not do as well as I could have. But that did not stop me from going to college and trying my best. Now that I am in college, it is the LSAT. The test that can determine how much financial aid from the school that I am given. The first time I took the LSAT I was calm, yet deep down I was still very anxious. I was worried about that if I did not do well, then I would not be able to accomplish my goals of helping people. I just have to remember that one number does not and will not dictate how far I will go in life on Saturday.

That idea of making sure I do not put too much pressure on this score does not always ease the mind when it comes to rejections. Even though I am taking the LSAT for the second time, I have applied to all of the law schools I have a strong interest in attending, but I am still uneasy. Even though I feel greatly accomplished by applying to all of the schools, I received two rejection emails. I was sad because I thought that even though I had a low LSAT score I still had a great resume and pretty ok GPA. In no way shape or form am I perfect nor do I pretend to be, but it still hurts on the inside when you do not get into a specific school. These particular schools were not my number one which gives me hope. But there will always be that idea of doubt. However, as I continue down my road to law school I know that for one door that closes, anther and better door will open. So to the person reading this who feels rejected and do not want to take a graduate school exam, keep going, life always seems to get better when everything goes wrong, but you have to keep going to see the better.

2017 and Growth

I am so happy to announce that I have submitted all of my law school applications. I can honestly say that it was the best feeling ever. It felt as though that I had done something major. Almost like having a baby minus the pain of pushing out a baby. However honestly speaking, uploading and filling out the info on the LSAC website was a bit tedious because it was going slow, but I honestly would do it all again. I choose to stay in state for law school because of money. Law school itself is expensive. However, when you add in the cost of living for certain places, it could possibly require me to take out more loans. Plus, the schools that I have chosen have all of the programs that I am interested in. I am very excited about the possibility of taking on a new challenge. But after going through this experience I have learned to just ask about certain things. I had a college where I would have had to pay for an application fee, and I honestly thought they might say no, but I called and asked and all I had to do was send an email. It’s always the little things that make me happy. That’s the type of attitude I want to continue in the new year.

Every year I see people post about “new year new me”. I am one of the people who believes that one does not need the first of the year to change. However, I believe that the “new me” develops when we least expect it. I know for me, that’s exactly what happened. I honestly came into 2016 with no expectations of changing. Even though in the beginning of 2016, I knew I was studying abroad. I did not anticipate the inner change that I would go through. That change brought back the idea of me going to law school because the girls that I was staying with was talking about grad school.

After going through this year with a variety of experiences. I can honestly say that after completing my study abroad, I am a new me. I’ve grown into the person I had always imagined I would be. Since I’m shy I am thinking of the many times that I spoke about my feelings more times this year than I ever had in my life. Also I see myself feeling more comfortable about speaking what’s on my mind and not filling ashamed of it. Maybe it was my internship or studying abroad, whatever it was I am so happy for what 2017 is going to bring. I know that I will have my frustrating moments and there will be times that I am doubting what I am doing. However, I know that I will remain on the path that I was meant to be on which is helping those who want it. My personal best advice to those entering into 2017 is to go in with goals, but allow them to grow so that while achieving a goal, you are learning something about yourself as well.

Road To Law School Entry 1

From as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to help people. However, I was always unsure of the career path that I wanted to take. When I was younger I thought that I wanted to be a teacher, a hair stylist, a doctor and a writer. While in high school, I believed I wanted to be a stripper because I thought school was too hard and that college tuition was too high. Since I have no upper body strength, I probably would not get far. On the other hand, I always held in mind that I wanted to help people because I felt that I could be that difference in someone’s life.

            Now that I am a college senior, I have kind of decided what I wanted to do. First, let me give you a brief overview of how I arrived at that point. When I was in high school, I contemplated the idea of what I wanted to do, I decided on law school. Why that I don’t remember. But I remember being accepted into a mock trial experience and it truly was one of the best weeks of my life. Also, during high school I did a year program at the district attorney’s office to learn about the different opportunities in the DA’s office. Still by that point I had not confirmed I wanted to go to law school. Even for my first two and a half years of college I had not really given it any consideration because I was shy, quiet and was never fully able to communicate my thoughts. However, after studying abroad I learned that I could not be afraid of failure, rather just take things one step at a time. I made it official that I wanted to try for law school after I talked to a second year law student, who was doing the 2L certification, told me to still apply although I was a little “behind” since he himself did not take the LSAT until February of his senior year and entered law school that fall. 

I know for a fact that this will not be the easiest path that I am going to take, but I am ready. I like to think of all of the opportunities as being waves in the ocean. Side note I love water, although my zodiac sign is a fire sign it truly keeps me calm. The waves in the ocean come at times when you least expect them. Sometimes they can be big or little. But one enjoys them no less. That’s how I see opportunities, as waves that are meant to be enjoyed before they are no longer there.