Talk and Chill

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Breaking a cycle is difficult, however it is truly necessary because for us to truly grow. Apart of true growth, I consider being able to talk to someone you may have not been able to talk to in the past, without feeling hurt. Now, I am not promoting talking to toxic people. In this case, this person has truly helped me to grow in more ways than one. Usually, we would never really have time to sit around and talk because we had a lot of things going on. But this week I am glad that me and he had the chance to sit down in a park and just talk for over 2 hours. The reason I would say this is breaking a cycle is because as a society we have been accustomed to just talking to people on our phones or on the computer. It felt nice to sit outside in the cool temperature and just talk about life and have great laughs. Even though some people may have been annoyed from the laughter, one cannot live their lives according to what others want. I am challenge anyone reading this to get a friend, go outside on a nice day and just have a conversation. The conversation can be about anything, but we must do more than just being on screen or instant messaging friends.



I am in a stage in life where people are asking me questions I honestly do not have the answer to what you want to do with the rest of your life. Apparently saying I want to marry rich and life off a yacht is not the appropriate answer. Some days I am sure you feel the same way. No one ever tells you that after you graduate that you can sometimes get into a cycle of go to work, come home and watch tv or go out with friends. I don’t mind being with my friends, but I am not ok with “cycles”. To me cycles are circles that we get into and like a true circle it can be hard to break out of without will power. And for the past couple of weeks I have been, unfortunately, I have been a part of that circle. Well, that stops today. For the next couple of weeks, I am breaking the cycle. Each week, I will do something that I would not typically do. I not saying I will climb Mount Everest in a week (maybe in a few). But I do not want to fall into the post graduate school cycle of just applying to jobs and being home. So I hope you stay along for the journey, like, subscribe, share below how you came out of a cycle and be sure to smile at life’s moments