Traveling is Not Always Pretty

I am here to burst a lot of people’s bubble and say traveling is not always pretty. You will have moments where things will go wrong to the point of you crying. I have heard many stories of how people have unfortunately been picked pocketed or have been scammed out of their money from tour companies. Or even the tour company bus drivers going on strike in the middle of the night completely changing your airport shuttle plans (yes this happened to me). Note: this post is not to discourage anyone from traveling. Its more to let people know that traveling is more than the photos we see online. There are many tears in those photos.

                Traveling is more than a nice photo or going on a “life changing voyage to the depths of your soul”. Traveling will test you beyond your limits and help you to learn lessons that you will apply to things latter in life.  The journey will also help you to uncover things about people that you could possibly have not fathom. My most recent trip to Paris and Iceland has taught me that although unexpected changes happen, and your suitcase may break, you must find a way to laugh and continue on with your trip. When you stay in the mindset of things not being pretty, it prevents you from fully enjoying your trip. So, no matter the hiccups in the path, always try to enjoy your trip.

Travel is good for the soul. But everything that is good is tested.
Travel is good for the soul. But everything that is good is tested.
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Travel Tip: Find the positive and trust it will get better.  

Another Travel Tip: Traveling is not always pretty and that’s ok.


Silenced By Society

What do you say to the young woman or man who can’t speak? They may or may nor be mute, but their voices have been constantly silenced by society. No matter how many times it appears they try to speak up someone in society tears them down. Then the person goes back in to their ball where the comfort is to cry out what they have been feeling. Then they think of ways of how to disappear and not confront those people. Some people may see it as them being a coward, however I see that person as a reflection of me. So many times, throughout my life my voice has been shut down, and rather than talk I start to cry. The words won’t come out. Even in our minds it says to speak, but the words won’t come out so we cry.desperate-2293377_1920

We try not to cry around those we care about, but the tears just fall. They fall as though they have been waiting to be released. The feelings that come with those tears are being released and the feelings with them seem to become calm. But that still leaves me at my lowest point rather than my high. Some days I wish I could just sit down and let out all my feelings without interruptions. But that day is not here, and I do not know to deal with these tears other than to write it out. I wish i had a solution for those of you who may read this. My best advice that I could possibly give someone in this state is to try to hold on, talk to yourself if you have too, but most importantly know your time to speak is coming and when you speak people will remember your name. I will not lie, it is hard for me to follow this advice as well, however i always try my best, which is all that matters. Most important I can hear you.