Cycles: Being Who I AM

One thing I can honestly say is that sometimes when we are truly being ourselves, a lot can truly happen when you are living in your true reality. This week in breaking cycles, I learned that being myself is much better than being someone else.
There are so many times where I used to wish and hope that I would be like someone I saw online or even like people in my everyday life. I would always see other women and wish I had their confidence. Or I would hope that I had parts of their body types. For some reason I decided to look at me and have a conversation with myself. Am I thinnest person in the world? No, but I am aiming to be healthier. Do I have the confidence of Beyoncé? No, but I do have a genuine spirt and when needed I can fake my confidence. Am I a Millionaire? Well I could marry one, however I am on that path. When I realized how awesome I was, things around me began to change. I started to just feel like me. I know I am not the healthiest person, but I know that I am perfectly ok with being imperfect. It’s our imperfections that makes being who we are unique and attracts the right people. Continue to be who you are and smile.
I am going to try a question of the week this week and hopefully you’ll comment below: What can I do each day to be authentically me?
My response: accepting that am awesome no matter what and that I will grow each day.