Not Traveling During School Regrets

One of the many things that several people have said to me recently is that they regret not traveling while in college. Many people have their reasons such as money and having to make sure that they complete their educational requirements so that they would graduate on time. Also, money for study abroad programs is not always easy to find outside of your institutions and it makes it harder to do when you don’t win the money. I want to encourage anyone who is in college who maybe want to study abroad to go as far as you can to see if it can be done.

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                I remember when I was in college. I wanted to go on a trip to Ireland. I would have fulfilled my course requirements prior to graduation so the course with the trip would just be extra. The school offered a payment plan, however the dates that they wanted I would have not been able to have the amount of money when they needed. I really wanted to go on this trip, so I went to the financial aid office to see if they could do a customized payment plan that would spread out through the next semester. Unfortunately, they could not. One of the professors who was going to be chaperoning the trip admired the lengths I went through to see if I could make it happen. That’s what I want to encourage anyone reading this to do go the extra mile and I promise you will not have to wonder what if especially if you do everything you can.

Travel Tip: Keeping pushing to your travel goals as best as you possibly can.