Clean Slate

    Welcome to 2019. I am excited for this year because this is my first full year without school. I graduated in May 2018. Since last year, I am happy to announce that I received a full-time job offer. I am excited about this new journey this year. For the past few days I have been feeling a shift. That shift has been allowing me to let people go and to proceed on this new path. However, even though it has been a few days, I feel this shift telling me to fully learn my worth and that I have a fresh slate to do it unapologetically.

                I have watched many videos about women who have been on a path to fully understand their worth. They spoke about people being mad at them for seeking better. I believe that a clean slate with people who in the past have constantly criticize you, is the best way to go. Even though I have been on this journey to understand my value more in depth, the path is a lot clearer without the non-constructive criticism clouding my judgement. I continue to smile during this process.

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I hope you smile too and understand a clean slate can come at any time. Continue to be the best you.