Counting Down

Its March! And for me that is when I take my solo trip for the year. This year I am going somewhere I have not been yet. I am going to two new places. One place I had the opportunity to have a lay over there but not much time to go explore. At the time of this being published I have about thirteen days left and I am excited. I finally booked the rest of my lodging. As for my excursions, usually I just wing it except for one or two things I really want to do. I think I am excited about this count down because a lot has happened since the beginning of the year and traveling helps me at times to put things in to perspective. I realized that certain people who claimed to be there actually aren’t. But this trip I am going to celebrate everything that has happened thus far this year. I am excited to celebrate the highs and the lows. Even though at this point it has only been ¼ of the year a lot of great opportunities have come my way and the best way for me to celebrate them is to travel and smile. So, cheers to the countdown to Iceland and Paris. Honestly counting down is one of the best parts of preparing for a trip because no matter what bad things may occur, you keep remembering that it will all be over soon. Just keep smiling and start packing because an adventure awaits.

Travel Tip: Enjoy the time counting down, because the trip it self will go by fast!

P.S: What are somethings you do while count down the trip?