Falling in Love Abroad

Since its February and it is considered the love month (among many things), I wanted to talk about falling in love abroad. Is it possible? Yes. Has it happened to me? No. But I have fallen in deep like with several guys but have not fallen in love. Honestly, I think its pretty beautiful when people fall in love abroad.  It shows that people can find love anywhere, which is beautiful. To me, I always liked hearing how people fall in love. How they met and how they handled a long-distance relationship. Sometimes listening to how they even had to deal with their different cultures is always interesting. I’m not sure why I decided to write about this topic this week. Lately I have been been thinking about if my future partner is in another state. I’m not sure, but I can wait. Plus, it was during my time in Spain when I listened to a singer named Tori Kelly and her song “Dear Nobody”. The song is about waiting on the right person. Looking back on it, it was interesting that I discovered that song while abroad. That maybe why I thought this topic. Love anywhere is always beautiful. As long as all parties smile, that’s all that matters.

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

Travel Tip: Fall in Love when your time is right no matter where you are.