Losing Excitement Leading Up to a Trip

The topic this week is a little bit different because it is a feeling that I have experienced. That feeling is not being interested in the trip anymore. I know many people will gasp at the thought of that happening, but I have had this feeling many times. However, when I get on the plane, I get more excited about me getting to the location. I wanted to talk about this topic because I have not seen any videos or many blog entries about this topic. Am I the only one who gets this feeling? Don’t get me wrong I enjoy traveling. But for some reason, I have lost my excitement leading up to the trip. I feel like I have a lot to do or I worry about. I worry about am I making the right decision by going or even am I ready to handle how much work I will have to do when I return. But whenever I am in that new country, I tend to leave all of those concerns back in my home country. I don’t know how to counter those feelings. Even when I look at photos of my destination, I get excited a little bit more but then I am get to my mellow mood. I am excited about the trip, however I am not jumping for joy (yet).

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            Honestly, I think leading up to a trip, everyone goes through their own process and have their own moods to process. To that I say process them the best way that you can and don’t be afraid to let yourself feel those emotions and enjoy your journey. Just be sure to smile during the process.

Travel Tip for the Week: Allow yourself to feel your emotions before the trip. Honestly they can make the trip that much sweeter.


Falling in Love Abroad

Since its February and it is considered the love month (among many things), I wanted to talk about falling in love abroad. Is it possible? Yes. Has it happened to me? No. But I have fallen in deep like with several guys but have not fallen in love. Honestly, I think its pretty beautiful when people fall in love abroad.  It shows that people can find love anywhere, which is beautiful. To me, I always liked hearing how people fall in love. How they met and how they handled a long-distance relationship. Sometimes listening to how they even had to deal with their different cultures is always interesting. I’m not sure why I decided to write about this topic this week. Lately I have been been thinking about if my future partner is in another state. I’m not sure, but I can wait. Plus, it was during my time in Spain when I listened to a singer named Tori Kelly and her song “Dear Nobody”. The song is about waiting on the right person. Looking back on it, it was interesting that I discovered that song while abroad. That maybe why I thought this topic. Love anywhere is always beautiful. As long as all parties smile, that’s all that matters.

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Travel Tip: Fall in Love when your time is right no matter where you are.

Planning a Trip

I have seen many post and videos about how to plan trips and all of the travel hacks. Some sites may say to book plane tickets on Tuesday or Thursdays because its cheaper and book a hotel on a Friday since you get better rooms at cheaper rates. Honestly for me I have at times have found these tips helpful and then other times not so much. I remember that when I was booking my first flight out the country and someone told me that if I book it on Tuesday it would be cheaper. One that particular Tuesday the travel gods must have been mad at me because that was the highest price that I had scene for that destination. That was when I soon learned that sometimes you have to allow for your planning stage to go with the flow. I know that the point of planning is be ahead, but sometimes the best experiences on the trip come from not planning at all. It can be good to have a certain level of uncertainty during a trip because it allows you to explore new possibilities. My personal rule of thumb is to pick one specific activity to do each day, then allow for the day to unfold. Honestly, doing this has allowed me to experience new things that are not often talked about in the tour books or blogs.  As long as you smile during your trip that is all that matters.

Sometimes the best places are not on a defined path
Photo by Terricks Noah on Pexels.com

Travel tip: Be ok with the unexpected even during your planning stage, great things can happen.

Travel Shamers

People in society will often wonder why people don’t travel. Reasons can vary from finances because travel on the surface is not cheap, some do not know how to look up trips, some have no desire to even to travel as well as other reasons. But my problem is with travel shamers. Yes, they are real and yes, its true, people often shame others for not traveling or for not going outside the country. To people who travel shame I say stop. Just stop.

No one should be shamed into doing something or even for wanting to travel differently. One day I was in a group and one woman who was older said that she did not want to travel outside of the country. She expressed that she had no desire to leave the country and would rather spend her time traveling to all parts of the country. I personally thought that going to every part of the country was pretty good. However, people were shaming her for not wanting to travel out the country.

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My moto for people wanting to travel shame is either buy me the ticket and pay my ENTIRE way (including food excursions and tips) then you Might be able to tell me what to do. Never let anyone travel shame you. If the extinct of the travel you want to do is travel to every museum in Minnesota, that works for me. As long as you smile and enjoy yourself.

Travel thought: Shape your travel experience to make you happy.

Travelers Insurance

            Travelers insurance is not one of the things that is not always highlighted when it comes to traveling. Honestly, when I first began traveling I knew nothing about it. But I always believed that when you know better you do better. Travel insurance is essential because it protects you and your trip. There are a variety of companies that offer a variety of insurance as well as airlines, cruise lines, buses and trains. I advise anyone and everyone to get it. Travelers insurance covers everything from the trip, delays, emergency evacuations, medical, canceled flights, and (I know some don’t want to admit this) death. Yes, unfortunately people have died while traveling and I am not wishing this on anyone, but an informed traveler is a good traveler. Here are four reasons why you should get travelers insurance.

  1. Realistically you could get hurt: just like in your normal day to day life you could get hurt walking down the street, you can get hurt traveling. I have read stories of people’s ear drums popping while diving and people have chipped their tooth while traveling. Travelers insurance was able to cover the bill.
  2. Sometimes you cannot take a trip: Life happens. Sometimes you have to cancel a trip due to health reasons, or a death in the family. Most travelers insurance will refund the amount of the trip. Also some insurance carriers have cancel for any reason. It is usually a little bit higher, but it may be worth it to some.
  3. You may already have it: Some credit cards, if you book your trip with the card, they may have some insurance to protect your trip. However, please check with your individual credit card company. If the insurance is not sufficient for you. The flight and hotel maybe insured but not your health. So please look.
  4.  Health care is not always free: Many people believe that since most of the countries in the world have free health care, most of the time it is not free to travelers.
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Bonus: It’s not that expensive. Some polices are even $20! Most of us spend more than that in a day on food. Spend the money to save your life and peace of mind. You just have to find the right fit for you.

These reasons are not in any specific order. This post is not sponsored. I just wanted to encourage travelers to get insured. Most travelers do not have $100,000 sitting around for travel emergencies. There are many websites that one can compare policies and I advise you do. Please be informed and pick the policy that fits you best.

Happy planning, safe travels and smile.

Question to think about: Why haven’t you purchased travelers insurance?

A Travel Problem Before the Trip

                Like many travelers, I do too encounter problems. One of my problems often occurs before I even leave to explore a new destination. My problem has to do with packing. I have watched over a hundred videos on how to pack my suit case in a way that would allow me to put more into my suitcase. I have followed every step to the T and still I am not getting the same results as the people in the videos or articles. That’s when I realized there were several differences in the videos and with my clothes. The first being that my clothes are bigger than most of the vloggers. Please note that I am not saying that their videos are not helpful. However, after personally trying most of their tips I have not had much success. It’s one of those travel rules that does not fit all. Honestly, I have not seen many plus size travelers creating how to pack videos.

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                The purpose of this blog is to highlight one of that travel problems because they are often not talked about. When people see travel videos, post or pictures, they only see the fun side but never the not so fun side of planning a trip. If you are interested in exploring travel problems they may arise please feel free to subscribe. Also, please comment below your travel struggles and like. But be sure to smile as you go through the week.

Travel Question: what problems have you encountered with traveling before the trip?

Traveling and A Full-time Job

Before taking on full-time job recently, people would often accuse me of not taking a full-time job because I wanted to travel more. Typically, with most part-time jobs, they have a bit more flexibility when it comes to taking time off. However, in American society many people believe that you need to follow a pattern. The pattern is go to college, get a full-time job and work until retirement. In more recent years many young people have gone off that path to pursue their true passions. Personally, I wish I could just travel without money being a concern (working on making this happen), however I know that for now I must work to pay down my loans and to build up my life’s purpose.  But this post is about traveling with a full-time job and if it is truly possible or if you need entrepreneurship to do so.

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            In my opinion I believe that it is possible to still to travel while working for someone else. Many employers are allowing people to work remotely and if they have internet connection and still complete their work in a timely manner, most don’t really care what country you’re in as long as you get the job done. Regarding entrepreneurship, depending on the business, one can work from anywhere. With entrepreneurship, one can set up their own hours and are on their own deadline. However, they must make sure they are still making money and not only laying around on the beach. Now are there millionaires, who do this yes. To my knowledge most of them have given responsibilities to others while they still collect money. My overall point is that no matter if you’re an entrepreneur, or a fulltime employee traveling and working is can happen, you must pick the right style for you and smile while doing so.