Traveling for Any Reason?

Recently I saw a meme on social media about traveling when your happy or sad or even to celebrate. It made me think about how sometimes I wanted to travel to escape. Nothing bad would be going on. I would just want a change in scenery or I needed to escape from some people Traveling has always afforded me and many others that opportunity. However, the unfortunate thing about this we cannot always travel for any reason. We may have achieved something great in our careers, however deciding last minute that you want to go to Thailand may not work out with your work schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in experiencing things over money (as long as responsibilities are taken care of) because we can always make the money back, however the time we cannot get back. Sometimes our supervisors may get on our last nerves and we are ready to go to Belize. I want to encourage any one reading this, if you can travel for any reason, then do so. I have been operating in the mindset of if I know I will look back on the trip and regret not doing it, then I should probably do it and smile.

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Travel tip: When deciding on a trip think: if I do not go will I regret it.


Road Trips

Sometimes people believe that the only way to travel is on a plane. I have heard people say that. However, I firmly believe that that is not true. From my previous post, I sure you can see that I never believed that. I want to try to do a cross country road trip. I was close to taking greyhound from Philadelphia to Los Angles. It was going to be a long trip, but a part of me wanted to do it just because. (I love getting those just because feelings). The only reason I didn’t take it was because I started graduates school. However, I want to encourage anyone reading this to hit the road.

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Honestly riding along the high way, you can see some beautiful scenery of greenery and lakes. A bonus if you’re not driving, you get take photos of it. I have hundreds of photos of my family trips along the eastern seaboard. Plus being on the road offers you a great deal of freedom that planes do not offer. Some of that includes not having a bag restriction and you can have as many stops as you want. If someone tries to tell you that road trips can’t fill the soul, they lied.

Travel Tip: Hop in the car and go to the unknown

Notes From Other Countries

Recently, I received a post card from myself. I know this sounds weird, however when I was in Iceland I had the opportunity to send myself a post card and I figured, why not. I had never done it before and thought it would be cool to do. This week I received that post card. I told my future self that I was proud of her and to keep being brave as a lot of people have told her on this trip. Honestly, I smiled when I got this post card because it honestly just lit my adventurous spirit back up again and had me ready to book a trip. But I have several other things coming up in a few weeks that need my focus. But I want to encourage anyone reading this to always send yourself a message. You don’t have to leave the country to send your self a note. You could simply take a piece of paper and write a note yourself and hide it. I find that when you least expect it and when you need the note the most, it shows up. I honestly needed a reminder of how far I came and that I have more to explore. 

Travel Tip: Try to send yourself a note from another country or hide a note to yourself in your home and let fate help you receive it when the time is right.

Traveling is Not Always Pretty

I am here to burst a lot of people’s bubble and say traveling is not always pretty. You will have moments where things will go wrong to the point of you crying. I have heard many stories of how people have unfortunately been picked pocketed or have been scammed out of their money from tour companies. Or even the tour company bus drivers going on strike in the middle of the night completely changing your airport shuttle plans (yes this happened to me). Note: this post is not to discourage anyone from traveling. Its more to let people know that traveling is more than the photos we see online. There are many tears in those photos.

                Traveling is more than a nice photo or going on a “life changing voyage to the depths of your soul”. Traveling will test you beyond your limits and help you to learn lessons that you will apply to things latter in life.  The journey will also help you to uncover things about people that you could possibly have not fathom. My most recent trip to Paris and Iceland has taught me that although unexpected changes happen, and your suitcase may break, you must find a way to laugh and continue on with your trip. When you stay in the mindset of things not being pretty, it prevents you from fully enjoying your trip. So, no matter the hiccups in the path, always try to enjoy your trip.

Travel is good for the soul. But everything that is good is tested.
Travel is good for the soul. But everything that is good is tested.
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Travel Tip: Find the positive and trust it will get better.  

Another Travel Tip: Traveling is not always pretty and that’s ok.

Is Travel the Only way to Live life?

Sometimes when I am on social media and I see travel post about travel being the only way to truly live. This idea made me think because I honestly had not thought about this. As I looked through my travel photos, I stumbled across a picture of the sky line in my home town and realized that one does not have to travel to truly live life. Just simply waking up and taking advantage of a new day is truly living life. I sometimes blame social media for having people think that they must go far to truly experience the joys of life, when honestly the simplest form of truly living life is to enjoy the day and seeing the beauty in it. I will admit that while traveling one can see one of the many fortunes of life is to be able to travel freely as many people do not get the chance to. But please know that having the chance to just wake up and breathe is truly the best way to live life because many people don’t get that chance. So see the beauty in the new day, live and smile.

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Travel Tip for the week: the only way to truly live life is to wake up and breathe.

Travel Tattoo’s

“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with a interesting past”- Jack London

                Recently I saw an article on social media about travel tattoo’s and it made me think about possibly getting one. However, like many people who do not have tattoos yet, I am not too thrilled about a needle going in and out of my arm. Honestly had no one ever told me that the there was a needle involved then I probably would have my travel tattoo. Even though the tattoo I want is a compass with a quote. Then sometimes I think about getting an airplane with the smoke coming out of it being the quote. I guess I have been hesitant because of the needles, but then I see some awesome tattoos that travelers have, and it makes me wonder what if? Even though I do not like to wonder what if, I can honestly say that this is one of those times. But I do believe that travelers tattoos tell awesome stories. For example, one girl I met had a tattoo of a kangaroo on her foot. She got it done in Australia as a souvenir. I love hearing the stories of peoples tattoos on my travels. It truly does show a glimpse of peoples past. I want to challenge anyone reading this travel blog to ask someone the stories of their tattoos. I promise you will hear some interesting stories.

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Travel Tip: Ask someone their story. It doesn’t have to be about tattoos, but when we learn others stories it brings us close together.

Being in the Moment

As I am writing this, I can’t help to be a tad bit reflective about being in the moment. As my trip is upcoming, I couldn’t help but to think about my life. Every time I travel something always disrupts a perfect plan. I want to make a disclaimer I am not hoping for anything bad to happen, however I will not pretend that nothing bad has ever happened on my trips. The disruptions on my trip have always helped me grow in more ways than one. However, whenever those disruptions happen I never let myself feel the emotions of being upset rather I try to rush through those feelings. For this trip I am going to allow my emotions to process before I make a decision.  I remember once while I was traveling, that I got incredibly emotional and made a rash decision. Had I allowed myself to fully think through and allow myself to process what was going on, I probably would have saved over a $100.  I want to encourage everyone to be in the moment, allow your emotions to process and smile.

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Travel Tip For the Week: Be in the moment with your emotions.