Traveling and Rest

Resting during travel, to me is important because it allows me to feel better about the trip. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be in new places. I genuinely enjoy traveling and exploring new places. However, I have learned that its ok to just rest your first day or your first few days depending on how long your trip is. But honestly it allows you to regroup and just have a break from moving and going. Plus, when you rest, you have more energy to go forward and do more with your day. Not everybody can just jump in to the festivities as soon as they arrived. Do not be afraid of taking a break and listening to your body as needed. Just because you are in a new place, does not mean you can’t rest and have fun.

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Tip: Rest as needed


Does Traveling Make you Happy?

I have honestly been thinking about this question a lot. Does traveling truly make me happy? I have a trip coming up in less than a month and honestly, I am truly excited, but I wanted to make sure that i am not trying to escape. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that sometimes we need to escape from everyday life, however I just wanted to make sure that I was not trying to escape because I am unsatisfied.

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                Today I was reading a book (as I usually am) and the woman talked about things that truly make us happy. Sometimes our happiness can be unfamiliar to us because we have spent a great deal of time surpressing it. In preparing for this trip, I just want to make sure that I not only am I happy during the planning stage, but also that I am going to enjoy the trip because I want to be there not because I am trying to escape anything. So, to answer the question, yes traveling does make me happy, when I am not doing for the wrong reasons.

What about you? Does traveling make you happy? Answer below!

Working Out While Traveling

Let’s be honest not many people think about being healthy while they are vacationing, unless they are on a retreat that requires them to work out most people are not thinking about working out. So today I am going to provide my thoughts on it.

                Honestly I see no problems with working out while on vacation. Personally, I enjoy stretching or even doing yoga and supporting a local studio if I can. Also, it allows you to keep out with your workout routine that you may have at home. Most of the time I count my walking during the rip as exercise. Or even if you decide to go hiking you are working out.

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                I am not writing this post to tell you to work out rather to let you know people do workout and if you choose too that’s fine. Just make sure you are respecting the cultures code with the workout clothes and you should be good to workout how you want. (note this is not legal advice)

Tip for the week: Working out while traveling can be done.

Traveling For Yourself

So many times, we decide to take trips based off list or just go along with what our friends want. I am here to tell you not to because you want to live your life with no regrets. If you do not want to travel, please do not feel the need to succumb to societal pressures about where to travel to or even just go places because your friends want to go to them. There are many people who go places just because people want them to. Don’t ignore your desires or what you truly want to do. Put yourself first and say to the people telling you where to go, that you make your decisions for you. If you have no desire to study abroad don’t. if you don’t have the desire to travel to Mexico or leave your home country and just prefer to explore your own country, do so. Do not allow anyone to guilt you into traveling somewhere or even if you choose to go alone. For some reason when women try to travel alone people frown upon it themselves to say its not safe. (that’s another blog) The point is travel how you want to. Be selfish not only with your energy but also how you travel.

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Travel Tip: Be selfish with how you travel

Traveling Size

Recently I have been feeling insecure about my weight. Every time I look in the mirror I don’t feel as though I deserve to be traveling. I know some of you may be thinking, well if you don’t like it then change it, which I agree with, however a portion of my weight gain has come from many changes in my life from getting off birth control to a life of added stress within the past couple of months. I then began to doubt if I should be traveling. Then I had to remember that I was limiting myself by staying in that mindset. Each trip is what you make it no matter your size enjoys your journey. Make sure your healthy of course, but don’t put off doing things that you truly want to do. Even if you must start never let your size stop you from enjoying your life.

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Travel Tip: Travel no matter the size

Fighting the Travel Bug

This travel bug has truly made me consider taking out a loan and just moving to Bali and just live off the beaches and just ignore life.  However, I will admit that I did let the bug bite me this time and I am about to book a trip. This trip is going to be different because I have been to this place, but I am going back under different circumstances.

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Usually when I take my trips, for some reason a couple of weeks before the trip a man that I’m usually either friends with or interested in being in a relationship has a falling out with me. This year I will not have the same problem because I made the vow to not date for a year. So, this will be my first international trip where I am not interested in a man prior to my trip. So, I let the travel bug bite me this time. Honestly, I could use a little fun and reflection especially since I started getting deeper into my spiritual journey. Sometimes the travel bug can bite you especially when you kept trying to push it away, but usually it bites when it’s supposed to.

Travel Tip: Know its ok to let the travel bug to bite sometimes

Weather and Travel

This topic is a bit different because I have seen many articles about people trying to avoid certain countries when it is the “rainy season” or when its too hot. Honestly, I would tell you that you cannot base when and what time of the year to travel all the time. I remember that I booked a flight to Belize in the month of October.  What I didn’t know was technically this was the rainy season. Thankfully during the week, it rained in the early morning, but I was still able to enjoy the day. I say this to say to never let a season stop you from traveling. There is no crystal ball to predict what the weather will be when you travel. However, don’t make the decision based off blogs, go where you want to as long as you feel safe.

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Travel Tip: Go wherever, whenever