A Letter to the First Time Traveler

Dear First Time Traveler,

            Congratulations about taking your first trip abroad or to another state. Or even if you decided to be a local tourist in your home state. The point is that you are getting out of your comfort zone and are achieving something new. I hope you enjoy the sites as well have the chance to see the hidden gems of wherever you are going. Don’t get me wrong still do the “touristy” places, but don’t afraid to go off the beaten path.  I know that you may be scared but trust me the jitters will start to settle as you go through your trip.

            I hope that your trip is pleasant. However, I cannot promise that the trip will go perfectly. I cannot promise that everything will go perfect or that you won’t get hurt during the trip (I hope and pray you don’t). I can’t even promise that you won’t get pick pocketed or lose your money, but I can tell you, that your will gain so many lessons and uncover how strong you truly are. I am not saying that you must go on a trip to show how strong you are, but it’s a different feeling when you have to do it out of your comfort zone.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

            I hope you not only learn the culture, but also uncover something about yourself. I hope you enjoy the journey that you are on and don’t rush it because it always seems to go fast. Also don’t forget to smile on your trip in the moment. I know its easy to stay engulfed on your phone and must take a hundred pictures however don’t forget to be in the moment.

Finally, enjoy yourself to the fullest<3

            Signed your traveler friend on the internet,



Losing the Travel Spark

I haven’t seen many people talking about losing their travel spark. To me, when someone or myself loses their travel spark its as though we need a break for an extended period. Sometimes we have realized that we want to prioritize other things such as family or complete a course. Then we must decide where that money will go.  Now I know some people will say that you can take a course any where in the world, but sometimes traveling could be a distraction.

Photo by Javon Swaby on Pexels.com

I just want to say that although you may lose your spark for a second it will come back when you least expect it. I’m not sure why people would not talk about it. I believe that traveling is truly exciting, however the amount of money being spent and sometimes receiving bad news while your away can hurt greatly impact your spark. However, I hope that to who ever is reading this if you have lost your spark that you decide to refresh and allow the spark to come back.

Drop Everything and Travel?

Most people have had the urge to drop everything and travel. Which honestly does not sound like a bad thing, especially when your tired of your everyday life. Honestly, I am all for jumping into what you want to do. However, I am a firm believer in having a plan and being flexible with that plan.

Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

                I have seen many stories about people deciding after a few months do just travel on a whim alone with the money they have and hoping to stretch it to six months only to have to come back after three months. Some people run their businesses from other countries, or they freelance in order to make money. To me I say do what makes sense for you. As many people know I plan to work as I build my travel fund and I want to accomplish a few of my other goals before I travel full time. My plan is to operate my business while traveling. But while doing so I want to live like the four-hour work week. (Well I’ll probably work 6 because its me). If you are thinking of dropping everything and traveling full time.

Active or Not Active

Sometimes we take trips we have to decide how active we want to be. When I say active, I meant having a rigid schedule planned or going with the flow of the trip. Please keep in mind there is not right or wrong way to do this. Personally, I just go with the flow. Now I will admit that most of the time I do have a list of things that I want to do, however I can even be flexible with when I do it or just cancel it so I can just lay around. I know that when traveling we can feel tempted to follow all the travel list and fit everything in the trip, which is fine. Except do not forget to enjoy your time in that new place. Explore. Do something that you had not planned on doing. For example, when I was in Spain, I was this museum. Now this museum was not on my list, but I figured since I had time to give it a try. I enjoyed it because it has me insight to a new realm of art that I had not know of and it gave me more knowledge about Antoni Gaudi that i had not known about. In my best Shakespearian voice, to be active or to not be active is the question. But the answer is up to you and whichever you chose, enjoy it to the fullest.

Travel affirmation: When I travel, I do what I want, when I want.

Traveling and Numbness

Traveling and numbness. I know to some people this probably does not make any sense and at first when I thought of this topic. But since travel is about exploring, I decided to explore the topic. When traveling, I can admit that I did feel numb at times. But I would say the numbness would be a good feeling. I usually only get it when I see something beautiful, like a sun set over a city skyline or even when I try something I would have never done. I know that being numb can be a good or bad thing and that it can vary in definition from person to person but when your traveling I can to encourage you to feel a good numbness as your go forth. Allow the travel euphoria to take over and run through your veins.

Photo by Trace Hudson on Pexels.com

Travel Question: Have you ever felt numb while traveling?

Please comment below 😊

Traveling While at a Conference

Sometimes when people go to conferences they can limit themselves to just doing the conference activities and staying to their room. Honestly that is completely understanding because sometimes the conference events can be draining and sometimes you just need to rest especially since many people come to a conference the day of and jump right into the festivities after being on the road. If you have the time and the energy, I want to encourage you to take sometime out to explore the city you are in if you can. I know sometimes some conferences are in remote areas and may not have much, but sometimes going to a local restaurant can give you a preview into local life. The reason I encourage this is because you can experience new things in the city. For example, when I went to a conference in Atlanta, I had the chance to see Martin Luther King Jr’s house, a graffiti alley and ate at a great sea food place. The next day I had the conference, but I am so glad I had the chance to explore Atlanta. Sometimes you may have to get there a day earlier, however sometimes exploring is just what you need to set the tone for your conference weekend.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Travel tip: Try to explore, even when you are at conferences.

Doing Things For Likes

Recently on social media I saw a post about how a popular tourist attraction was not what it appeared to be.  What was interesting to me was that those photos are what inspired people to go to those places. Now I am not saying that we should not be inspired by the things that we see or even attempt to see them on our home. What I want to encourage you to do is, not do it for the likes. Currently we are living in a society where we tend to do things to impress people who we barely know rather than being our true authentic self. I have always believed that doing things for likes is never a good idea because your living your life up to someone else’s standards. Remember to travel to any place because you want to experience it for yourself.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Travel Affirmation: I will travel to a place because I want to, not to get or be liked.