About Me:)

Hello and welcome to my blog!!! My name is Khadijah and I am a young African-American woman who decided to start her own blog. I originally started it for my law school journey. Since that chapter ended, I decided to continue it on a once a week basis. Each week the topic is different and usually relates to apart of life that is not always talked about. Especially, about issues that come up when change is occurring. One big change that recently happened is I am in graduate school. When I’m not studying (or sobbing because I have to do homework) I enjoy reading, traveling, lying in bed watching Law and Order: SVU, and looking at puppies.  I post every Friday or Saturday depending on the site.  I hope you enjoy and learn not only something about me, but something about yourself. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a reply or contact me on my contact page.


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