Fighting the Travel Bug

This travel bug has truly made me consider taking out a loan and just moving to Bali and just live off the beaches and just ignore life.  However, I will admit that I did let the bug bite me this time and I am about to book a trip. This trip is going to be different because I have been to this place, but I am going back under different circumstances.

Photo by Leung Kwok Tung Ktleung on

Usually when I take my trips, for some reason a couple of weeks before the trip a man that I’m usually either friends with or interested in being in a relationship has a falling out with me. This year I will not have the same problem because I made the vow to not date for a year. So, this will be my first international trip where I am not interested in a man prior to my trip. So, I let the travel bug bite me this time. Honestly, I could use a little fun and reflection especially since I started getting deeper into my spiritual journey. Sometimes the travel bug can bite you especially when you kept trying to push it away, but usually it bites when it’s supposed to.

Travel Tip: Know its ok to let the travel bug to bite sometimes


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