Travel Goals From Social Media

So many times, on social media, we see so many photos of people doing amazing things such as skiing in France or swinging on a swing in Bali. Then we see our fellow viewers of those photos saying, “travel goals”. At that point is usually where I scroll past the picture and wonder why do some people get their travel goals from social media? Don’t get me wrong, I think we should get inspiration from anything and anywhere. However, I am not ok with how many people internalize it and it causes people to think if they are not traveling like this then they are not goals. If you have read many of my previous post, you know that I firmly believe in traveling any way you can. I encourage you to create your own travel goals. Do not take someone else’s and try to copy everything they do because you never know what they had to do to get to get.

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Travel Question of the Week: What are your travel goals based off of?


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