A Letter to the First Time Traveler

Dear First Time Traveler,

            Congratulations about taking your first trip abroad or to another state. Or even if you decided to be a local tourist in your home state. The point is that you are getting out of your comfort zone and are achieving something new. I hope you enjoy the sites as well have the chance to see the hidden gems of wherever you are going. Don’t get me wrong still do the “touristy” places, but don’t afraid to go off the beaten path.  I know that you may be scared but trust me the jitters will start to settle as you go through your trip.

            I hope that your trip is pleasant. However, I cannot promise that the trip will go perfectly. I cannot promise that everything will go perfect or that you won’t get hurt during the trip (I hope and pray you don’t). I can’t even promise that you won’t get pick pocketed or lose your money, but I can tell you, that your will gain so many lessons and uncover how strong you truly are. I am not saying that you must go on a trip to show how strong you are, but it’s a different feeling when you have to do it out of your comfort zone.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

            I hope you not only learn the culture, but also uncover something about yourself. I hope you enjoy the journey that you are on and don’t rush it because it always seems to go fast. Also don’t forget to smile on your trip in the moment. I know its easy to stay engulfed on your phone and must take a hundred pictures however don’t forget to be in the moment.

Finally, enjoy yourself to the fullest<3

            Signed your traveler friend on the internet,



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