Traveling With Friends

Many of my friends recently have expressed interest in traveling together. Honestly, I have seen many post and pictures of people taking group trips and they seem to be enjoying themselves. However, in the same group there was another post about if friendships had broken up over group trips. There were many people saying that many trips have broken up so many friendships. The reasons all ranged from their friends becoming a different person to their friends being controlling.

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Personally, I have not traveled with any of my friends. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. However, I would hope that our friendship could withstand a trouble. However, when you read post about many friendships breaking up, all you can do is hope that your friendship is one that lasts the test of time. Honestly, I think it could be fun to travel with friends, but like with everything in life, there is negatives to it as well. Who knows maybe sometime soon we will be able to take a trip together.

Travel Question: Would you travel with your friends?


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