Travel Shamers Part II

A month or so ago I wrote a blog post titled Travel Shamers. I wanted to write about this topic again because recently I saw a post on Facebook, which I have posted to below, about people judging others about taking low budget means of transportation. I just wanted to say in response to this is who cares how someone chooses to travel. You do not need to spend over a thousand dollars for a flight then do some but do not shame someone for choosing a discounted ticket. Travel is more than just booking a ticket, one must be concerned about accommodations, food and activities. Traveling should not only be limited to those who have thousands of dollars. Rather for those who have the desire to see new cultures or another part of their country. It should not matter how we travel, rather the experience we get. As long as, you get the best possible experience, that’s all that matters. It does not matter your mode of transportation as long as you get there and experience the place the best way you can is all that matters. Don’t let travel shamers, make you think any differently.

I do not own the thoughts or rights to my pictures

Travel Tip: Travel any way that makes the best fiscal and experience for you.


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