Travel Tattoo’s

“Show me a man with a tattoo and I’ll show you a man with a interesting past”- Jack London

                Recently I saw an article on social media about travel tattoo’s and it made me think about possibly getting one. However, like many people who do not have tattoos yet, I am not too thrilled about a needle going in and out of my arm. Honestly had no one ever told me that the there was a needle involved then I probably would have my travel tattoo. Even though the tattoo I want is a compass with a quote. Then sometimes I think about getting an airplane with the smoke coming out of it being the quote. I guess I have been hesitant because of the needles, but then I see some awesome tattoos that travelers have, and it makes me wonder what if? Even though I do not like to wonder what if, I can honestly say that this is one of those times. But I do believe that travelers tattoos tell awesome stories. For example, one girl I met had a tattoo of a kangaroo on her foot. She got it done in Australia as a souvenir. I love hearing the stories of peoples tattoos on my travels. It truly does show a glimpse of peoples past. I want to challenge anyone reading this travel blog to ask someone the stories of their tattoos. I promise you will hear some interesting stories.

Photo by jancarlo vazquez on

Travel Tip: Ask someone their story. It doesn’t have to be about tattoos, but when we learn others stories it brings us close together.


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