Being in the Moment

As I am writing this, I can’t help to be a tad bit reflective about being in the moment. As my trip is upcoming, I couldn’t help but to think about my life. Every time I travel something always disrupts a perfect plan. I want to make a disclaimer I am not hoping for anything bad to happen, however I will not pretend that nothing bad has ever happened on my trips. The disruptions on my trip have always helped me grow in more ways than one. However, whenever those disruptions happen I never let myself feel the emotions of being upset rather I try to rush through those feelings. For this trip I am going to allow my emotions to process before I make a decision.  I remember once while I was traveling, that I got incredibly emotional and made a rash decision. Had I allowed myself to fully think through and allow myself to process what was going on, I probably would have saved over a $100.  I want to encourage everyone to be in the moment, allow your emotions to process and smile.

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Travel Tip For the Week: Be in the moment with your emotions.


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