Travel in Faith

I have a confession to make. I have always been afraid of heights. Yet I enjoy traveling and taking a plane. However, considering recent events I wanted to talk about airplane troubles. I know that people fear planes especially since it is not an easy evacuation because you are too high up. As I continue to pray for the families of those affected, something is telling me to encourage people to still travel. Continue to research on the air crafts, buses and trains and decide with what ever you are comfortable with. However, please do not let an accident prevent you from living out your dreams. I remember recently I went to go spend time with a friend in Florida and me and so many others felt the plane just drop. We never got an explanation about what’s going on. I know that it can truly be discouraging to see stories like that and continue to either travel or pursue your dreams, however if we are always afraid, we will never do the things we want. Honestly when I load an airplane I still worry about things happening, however I just must trust everything will work out. I encourage you to travel or even pursue your dreams in faith and smile.

Photo by Stefan Stefancik on

Travel tip: Travel in faith. Even when things seem like they are going wrong, trust everything will work out for the best.


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