Losing Excitement Leading Up to a Trip

The topic this week is a little bit different because it is a feeling that I have experienced. That feeling is not being interested in the trip anymore. I know many people will gasp at the thought of that happening, but I have had this feeling many times. However, when I get on the plane, I get more excited about me getting to the location. I wanted to talk about this topic because I have not seen any videos or many blog entries about this topic. Am I the only one who gets this feeling? Don’t get me wrong I enjoy traveling. But for some reason, I have lost my excitement leading up to the trip. I feel like I have a lot to do or I worry about. I worry about am I making the right decision by going or even am I ready to handle how much work I will have to do when I return. But whenever I am in that new country, I tend to leave all of those concerns back in my home country. I don’t know how to counter those feelings. Even when I look at photos of my destination, I get excited a little bit more but then I am get to my mellow mood. I am excited about the trip, however I am not jumping for joy (yet).

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

            Honestly, I think leading up to a trip, everyone goes through their own process and have their own moods to process. To that I say process them the best way that you can and don’t be afraid to let yourself feel those emotions and enjoy your journey. Just be sure to smile during the process.

Travel Tip for the Week: Allow yourself to feel your emotions before the trip. Honestly they can make the trip that much sweeter.


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