Planning a Trip

I have seen many post and videos about how to plan trips and all of the travel hacks. Some sites may say to book plane tickets on Tuesday or Thursdays because its cheaper and book a hotel on a Friday since you get better rooms at cheaper rates. Honestly for me I have at times have found these tips helpful and then other times not so much. I remember that when I was booking my first flight out the country and someone told me that if I book it on Tuesday it would be cheaper. One that particular Tuesday the travel gods must have been mad at me because that was the highest price that I had scene for that destination. That was when I soon learned that sometimes you have to allow for your planning stage to go with the flow. I know that the point of planning is be ahead, but sometimes the best experiences on the trip come from not planning at all. It can be good to have a certain level of uncertainty during a trip because it allows you to explore new possibilities. My personal rule of thumb is to pick one specific activity to do each day, then allow for the day to unfold. Honestly, doing this has allowed me to experience new things that are not often talked about in the tour books or blogs.  As long as you smile during your trip that is all that matters.

Sometimes the best places are not on a defined path
Photo by Terricks Noah on

Travel tip: Be ok with the unexpected even during your planning stage, great things can happen.


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