Travel Shamers

People in society will often wonder why people don’t travel. Reasons can vary from finances because travel on the surface is not cheap, some do not know how to look up trips, some have no desire to even to travel as well as other reasons. But my problem is with travel shamers. Yes, they are real and yes, its true, people often shame others for not traveling or for not going outside the country. To people who travel shame I say stop. Just stop.

No one should be shamed into doing something or even for wanting to travel differently. One day I was in a group and one woman who was older said that she did not want to travel outside of the country. She expressed that she had no desire to leave the country and would rather spend her time traveling to all parts of the country. I personally thought that going to every part of the country was pretty good. However, people were shaming her for not wanting to travel out the country.

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My moto for people wanting to travel shame is either buy me the ticket and pay my ENTIRE way (including food excursions and tips) then you Might be able to tell me what to do. Never let anyone travel shame you. If the extinct of the travel you want to do is travel to every museum in Minnesota, that works for me. As long as you smile and enjoy yourself.

Travel thought: Shape your travel experience to make you happy.


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