A Travel Problem Before the Trip

                Like many travelers, I do too encounter problems. One of my problems often occurs before I even leave to explore a new destination. My problem has to do with packing. I have watched over a hundred videos on how to pack my suit case in a way that would allow me to put more into my suitcase. I have followed every step to the T and still I am not getting the same results as the people in the videos or articles. That’s when I realized there were several differences in the videos and with my clothes. The first being that my clothes are bigger than most of the vloggers. Please note that I am not saying that their videos are not helpful. However, after personally trying most of their tips I have not had much success. It’s one of those travel rules that does not fit all. Honestly, I have not seen many plus size travelers creating how to pack videos.

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com

                The purpose of this blog is to highlight one of that travel problems because they are often not talked about. When people see travel videos, post or pictures, they only see the fun side but never the not so fun side of planning a trip. If you are interested in exploring travel problems they may arise please feel free to subscribe. Also, please comment below your travel struggles and like. But be sure to smile as you go through the week.

Travel Question: what problems have you encountered with traveling before the trip?


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