Parental Controls on Dating Sites

Recently I was laying in bed on my phone and I was feeling lonely. Then I felt a part of me naturally getting ready to get on a dating site. I have nothing against dating sites however, I have not had the best of luck with them no matter how long I stayed on them, I would always attract men who did not want the same things I wanted. I was looking for something long term, they would claim to be looking for something long term but only desire something for the night.

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I stopped myself from downloading the dating site. I even took it a step further by putting a parental control block on my app store because I realized several things about me constantly getting on dating apps and not keeping them long. The main reason was I was only doing this out of boredom. I just wanted someone to talk too, which is not a good reason to create a dating profile. Some may disagree which is fine, but for me my experience has always lead me to attract people who wanted the opposite of what I wanted. I also realized that in the past seven years I have not gone a year without creating a dating profile. I am challenging myself to go one year without creating a dating profile just to see what it would be like. Even though I am an introvert by nature and online dating would be ideal because it allows me to cut off people without having to meet them, it’s hard when some of the men lie to get to meet me. I am not planning on getting into a relationship, but I want to prove to myself that I can fill that void with so much more.
I’m not online dating for a year. I want to challenge anyone reading this to put a parental control on a void filler and smile.


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