Can a Destination Change You?

Last week I returned from Belize. I honestly had one of the best weeks of my life. Belize is my fourth country that I traveled solo too, but there was something different about this trip. Prior to me going to Belize I knew this trip was going to be different and to be completely honest it was. The question that I am going to attempt to answer is “can a destination change you”. If you look at travel bloggers you will find that many of them have gone to many places and have “found themselves”. In my case, every time I have traveled to another country I felt the real me coming out. I see the confidence and me wanting to try so much more. Plus, I enjoy the energy rush that comes. But what I have been thinking is have I changed, or is the true Khadijah coming out?

woman wearing white long sleeved gown holding bouquet
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Personally, I think thus far growth has occurred on every trip for me. I feel more connected and centered and have a better understanding of what I want to do with my life. The hardest part then becomes when I return, will I follow through? But Belize for me felt different. In that country i was tested like no way before and I tried so many things I never thought I would do as a solo traveler such as night life (Note: there are plenty of solo female travelers who do night life, it just was not for me at the time). I swam with fish and felt happier than ever. Now that I am back I can honestly say that Belize has empowered me to be able to trust my intuition when I feel things are off and to trust that my feelings about people are right. Have I changed, a little. Is the me I have been suppressing coming out, most definitely and I love it.
I encourage you to go somewhere new whether its domestically, internationally, locally or even to a new street near by to see if you change in that destination or even the process of getting there. Please feel free to share if a destination has helped change you or even the process. No matter what, don’t forget to smile.


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