Sometimes time has a way of teaching us that we must think certain things through or appreciate things. Prior to writing this blog I had no idea of what to write. I had been writing for almost the past year about graduate school and my life and I know that I am meant to do so much more. The past few weeks without writing has made me understand why timing is so important. I was not sure about sharing this story but it may help someone other than myself.
About a week ago, I was out with a friend and we were sitting by the water and there was a girl who looked like she was going to jump. However, many people sat like that at this place so I didn’t think nothing about it. As we were preparing to leave, the girl reached out and asked if she could just talk to us. Naturally I said sure because she seemed sad. So, I let her talk for 30 minutes or so and helped her find a few resources. I hope that what I said to her helped. But the reason I say this is because I wonder what could have happened had I not been there at that time. Or had I not realized at a certain time that writing for me has always been my missing piece.
So if your reading this know you are reading this at this time for a reason. Know that everything happens for a reason. Even when things get rough and you feel that you cannot go on and complete a task, know that your feelings are valid at that moment and it serves a purpose. Be sure to smile at that moment too, because someone may need it.
Please feel free to like and post below what if you have ever felt timing in life has played a role in your life.


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