Post Graduate Feelings

At the time of the publishing of this blog I will have been out of graduate school for almost a month. While I am true proud of this accomplishment, there is something missing. I am starting to feel like I did when my first semester was going; alone. I know many people will say that being alone is a part of the process and that it is often necessary in order to achieve what you need to do, which to an extent I agree with. But its late at night when you want someone to talk to but no one is there. Someone who I could just rant to for a few hours. It’s hard to get a person, when you are often the person people come to. For some reason my mind goes back to the night when I was crying on the bed and could barely finish my assignment and all I could do was cry. I feel the same way post-graduation. I am starting to believe that there is a void that I have been trying to fill. However, what I have been trying to feel the void with are not the best for my energy levels. I was just happy to fill it with anyone who came my way but honestly quality is better than quantity. I will try to fill the void with great experiences and fun people. Sometimes while I talk to those new people, I may release those negative feelings. Not temporary people but people who care and love me for me. But not forget to enjoy my own company and dance the night away. That what I challenge you to do; dance the night away and know that the rough patch will soon pass.


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