I Messed Up

Through out life we can often hold ourselves up to certain expectations and it hurts us when we do not honor those commitments to ourselves. As many people know through my blog post that I had decided to go a year without dating. The primary reason for this decision was to focus on school. Well I started to date and my one year is not officially over yet, which I am disappointed in myself in. However, through breaking this commitment to myself, I have learned that I am much stronger in getting rid of guys that are obviously not for me (I have fallen for certain guys like this before). But I have been attracting guys who treat me like the queen I am. However, I have realized that there is always a reason that we mess up and it’s for the lesson. The lesson I learned from going back on my year of dating is the importance of showing people how you want to be treated. Since I was a teenager, I have always just assumed that if I treat people good, they would treat me good. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way many times that that not everyone believes in treating others kindly. Therefore, it is important to show others how you deserve to be treated. If they cannot get with the program of how you deserved to be treated then there is no need for them to be in your life.

One of the most crucial lessons I learned was that being myself is the best person to be. I honestly used to be more reserved and just allow people to treat me any certain way. Now, I understand the power of standing up for myself and not being afraid to say what I need to say. Also, I realized that my intuition and energy levels are always right. If my energy feels off with a person, I now have no problem with letting them go. If my intuition says run, then I need to start running, My intuition has never lied to me once, therefore I have my trust in that feeling. So even though I did not completely finish my year, I know that I can achieve great things without a significant other, and that its ok to take time to heal and be focused on yourself.

So go forth, be great and smile. Also, what are some things that you have to do/ or have done to get refocused? Please comment, like and subscribe.


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