What Now?

Now that I have graduated from graduate school that question I have to ask is, “what is next”. I am at the stage where I am supposed to be getting a full-time job and trying to find that fancy apartment and living the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Then I would be getting ready to get married and have a family. But my question is why do I need to have that lifestyle. All of my life, I have been given this idea of how I should want my life. But what if I don’t want that vision. What if I just want to travel the world or move to Thailand.

Living the life i want in Cuba

What happens if I just want to start a business in Belize and eat a crazy meal in Australia. Do I even want to be married and in a committed relationship (I actually do because I hate dating) . But why am I expected to live my life according to what people want. I know that I need money to do what I need to do, but why is the only way of getting money is to hustle, pay off debt and barely live my life. I do not want to be 30 still paying off debt and not truly living my life. Honestly, I could pay off all my debt and die the second the collectors get the money. I have no desire to live the pay bills and keep it moving lifestyle. In college many students go with the motto of “no regrets”. Well for the rest of my life, my goal is to live with no regrets. I do not want to look back on my life and wish that I had gone to the Philippines. I want to know that I took a risk and even though in the moment of that risk I was terrified of the what ifs but, always know I can push myself when needed. Will the risk go well, who knows but I will forever know that I will never have the question of what if in the back of my mind. My advice to anyone who does not know what to do now is to take a chance and just do it. By taking action, you will learn, grow, and smile, which in life is crucial to making the best of each moment.


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