Back to School

I am excited to say that this week had my last first day of formal education. When I say formal education, I mean in terms of getting up daily to go to school and doing homework for teachers.  I will forever be a lifelong student because I enjoy reading leisurely about topics that will help to grow my mind, body and spirit. It is honestly a bitter sweet moment realizing that is my last first day of school.

back to school pic          School in general has taught me a variety of lessons. Those lessons ranged from the importance of knowledge, the power of connections and the significance of stepping outside of your comfort zone. However graduate school thus far has taught me the importance of truly stepping into who you are meant to be. This task I have always suffered with because I was constantly burying who I was due to pressure from others and from a fear of constantly being disliked. But this one year graduate program has really taught me thus far to step into who I was meant to be and to never let fear stop me. When we silence the fear inside of us, it allows for people to be able to complete their true desires. Some of my desires were going to the gym, but I had a fear of people potentially judging me about it. But while in school, I decided I wanted to feel good and eat better. By doing these things it taught me an important lesson of I can still care about my physical well-being without sacrificing for my educational well-being. Even if we cannot silence the fears completely, we should keep going with hopes realizing that life is about taking a fear and making the best out of a situation

Since I am going into my final semester currently, I have finally created a schedule that would work best for me and I am excited to see where this semester will take me. Even though I graduate in May and do not have much time, I know that I can accomplish all that I desire to do and have the skills from school to conquer them. So, cheers to the last semester …. Well may be for now😊

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