Traveling Size

Recently I have been feeling insecure about my weight. Every time I look in the mirror I don’t feel as though I deserve to be traveling. I know some of you may be thinking, well if you don’t like it then change it, which I agree with, however a portion of my weight gain has come from many changes in my life from getting off birth control to a life of added stress within the past couple of months. I then began to doubt if I should be traveling. Then I had to remember that I was limiting myself by staying in that mindset. Each trip is what you make it no matter your size enjoys your journey. Make sure your healthy of course, but don’t put off doing things that you truly want to do. Even if you must start never let your size stop you from enjoying your life.

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Travel Tip: Travel no matter the size


Fighting the Travel Bug

This travel bug has truly made me consider taking out a loan and just moving to Bali and just live off the beaches and just ignore life.  However, I will admit that I did let the bug bite me this time and I am about to book a trip. This trip is going to be different because I have been to this place, but I am going back under different circumstances.

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Usually when I take my trips, for some reason a couple of weeks before the trip a man that I’m usually either friends with or interested in being in a relationship has a falling out with me. This year I will not have the same problem because I made the vow to not date for a year. So, this will be my first international trip where I am not interested in a man prior to my trip. So, I let the travel bug bite me this time. Honestly, I could use a little fun and reflection especially since I started getting deeper into my spiritual journey. Sometimes the travel bug can bite you especially when you kept trying to push it away, but usually it bites when it’s supposed to.

Travel Tip: Know its ok to let the travel bug to bite sometimes

Weather and Travel

This topic is a bit different because I have seen many articles about people trying to avoid certain countries when it is the “rainy season” or when its too hot. Honestly, I would tell you that you cannot base when and what time of the year to travel all the time. I remember that I booked a flight to Belize in the month of October.  What I didn’t know was technically this was the rainy season. Thankfully during the week, it rained in the early morning, but I was still able to enjoy the day. I say this to say to never let a season stop you from traveling. There is no crystal ball to predict what the weather will be when you travel. However, don’t make the decision based off blogs, go where you want to as long as you feel safe.

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Travel Tip: Go wherever, whenever  

Travel Goals From Social Media

So many times, on social media, we see so many photos of people doing amazing things such as skiing in France or swinging on a swing in Bali. Then we see our fellow viewers of those photos saying, “travel goals”. At that point is usually where I scroll past the picture and wonder why do some people get their travel goals from social media? Don’t get me wrong, I think we should get inspiration from anything and anywhere. However, I am not ok with how many people internalize it and it causes people to think if they are not traveling like this then they are not goals. If you have read many of my previous post, you know that I firmly believe in traveling any way you can. I encourage you to create your own travel goals. Do not take someone else’s and try to copy everything they do because you never know what they had to do to get to get.

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Travel Question of the Week: What are your travel goals based off of?

A Letter to the First Time Traveler

Dear First Time Traveler,

            Congratulations about taking your first trip abroad or to another state. Or even if you decided to be a local tourist in your home state. The point is that you are getting out of your comfort zone and are achieving something new. I hope you enjoy the sites as well have the chance to see the hidden gems of wherever you are going. Don’t get me wrong still do the “touristy” places, but don’t afraid to go off the beaten path.  I know that you may be scared but trust me the jitters will start to settle as you go through your trip.

            I hope that your trip is pleasant. However, I cannot promise that the trip will go perfectly. I cannot promise that everything will go perfect or that you won’t get hurt during the trip (I hope and pray you don’t). I can’t even promise that you won’t get pick pocketed or lose your money, but I can tell you, that your will gain so many lessons and uncover how strong you truly are. I am not saying that you must go on a trip to show how strong you are, but it’s a different feeling when you have to do it out of your comfort zone.

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            I hope you not only learn the culture, but also uncover something about yourself. I hope you enjoy the journey that you are on and don’t rush it because it always seems to go fast. Also don’t forget to smile on your trip in the moment. I know its easy to stay engulfed on your phone and must take a hundred pictures however don’t forget to be in the moment.

Finally, enjoy yourself to the fullest<3

            Signed your traveler friend on the internet,


Losing the Travel Spark

I haven’t seen many people talking about losing their travel spark. To me, when someone or myself loses their travel spark its as though we need a break for an extended period. Sometimes we have realized that we want to prioritize other things such as family or complete a course. Then we must decide where that money will go.  Now I know some people will say that you can take a course any where in the world, but sometimes traveling could be a distraction.

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I just want to say that although you may lose your spark for a second it will come back when you least expect it. I’m not sure why people would not talk about it. I believe that traveling is truly exciting, however the amount of money being spent and sometimes receiving bad news while your away can hurt greatly impact your spark. However, I hope that to who ever is reading this if you have lost your spark that you decide to refresh and allow the spark to come back.

Drop Everything and Travel?

Most people have had the urge to drop everything and travel. Which honestly does not sound like a bad thing, especially when your tired of your everyday life. Honestly, I am all for jumping into what you want to do. However, I am a firm believer in having a plan and being flexible with that plan.

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                I have seen many stories about people deciding after a few months do just travel on a whim alone with the money they have and hoping to stretch it to six months only to have to come back after three months. Some people run their businesses from other countries, or they freelance in order to make money. To me I say do what makes sense for you. As many people know I plan to work as I build my travel fund and I want to accomplish a few of my other goals before I travel full time. My plan is to operate my business while traveling. But while doing so I want to live like the four-hour work week. (Well I’ll probably work 6 because its me). If you are thinking of dropping everything and traveling full time.